Due to backorders through radio manufactory and the discontinuation of the radio model we are currently using, we are not taking any radio orders until further notice.

If needed, please continue to place a Work Order for radio repair, as parts are still available.  Thank you.


ready to order

  Don't forget to attach your complete order form when submitting the order!!



Radio Holster/ Shoulder Strap




Radio Holster/ Lanyard



  • All radio accessories are purchased via special order. Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery.
  • All accessories orders are non refundable.
  • Radio factory warranty is void, if radio accessories not purchased from the police department.


don't order extra radio batteries

·  Batteries have a 1 year warranty from the date it was purchased from the vendor or factory. This includes storage/shelf time.

·  Batteries will be completely discharged(Dead)after a long period of time in storage or not in use.

·  When a radio has power related issues, It is not always a problem with the battery.