1. Go to the  School Dude.


  1. Select Two-Way Radio Repair in the Step 3 Select Problem Type:                                                                                      

  2. Must have Radio brand, serial number, model number and briefly description of radio problems  in the  Step 4  Please describe your problem or request.


  1. For the battery or charger repair, must have battery/charger brand and model number in the Step 4  Please describe your problem or request.


  1. Leave radio at the front desk, and wait for the service arrive.


Ready to submit work order


Radio type/model

Radio battery

Kenwood radio charger (Rear)

work order tick will be decline without notify

  • Submit multiple radios in one work order.   

  • Without complete radio information.

  • Must have battery model number for Vertex/Motorola radio, if you think the battery is bad.

  • Do not describe" Radio don’t work" as your radio problem.

Receive repair service timely 

  • Submit the work order immediately when you have radio that need to repair, don't pile them up until end or beginning of school year.

  • Make sure have the correct and require information in the work order.


Kenwood radio charger (Front)

Identifying radio information

Identifying Motorola/ Vertex battery (Inside)

Vertex VX-231 (Older model) charger

Motorola/ Vertex radio charger