Refurbished Radio Program

Campus Refurbished Radio Program

·       The Campus Refurbished Radio Program will help the schools who have radio(s) that have been discontinued and are unrepairable. These schools will be a priority and the first to purchase the refurbished radio(s).

·       The school will ONLY be responsible for the cost of parts to repair each radio.


·       The handheld radio Motorola (Vertex) Model # VX261, battery Model # FNB-V133LI-UNI (battery has belt clip attached) have been officially discontinued. After a few months of searching and waiting for a response from the Vendors and manufacturers they have advised/ announced they will no longer supply batteries and parts.

·       All the work orders for these models will be closed and you will get a notification via email.

·       Please do not discard the charger for this model, as this charger works for other radio models like model # FNB-V131LI-UNI.

·       The Motorola (Vertex) Model # VX261 can be sent to the District Surplus or the Police Department to surplus.

refurbished radio order form

•A Refurbished radio(s) will sell "as is", they are NON-REFUNDABLE, and have no Warranty.