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March message

SBISD Chief of Police Bruce Dareing


Dear Spring Branch ISD Families and Staff,

In Spring Branch ISD, we prioritize the safety and security of our students and staff. As we begin the final nine weeks of the 2022-23 school year, please take a moment to re-review our Emergency Response Protocols which are critical to our campus and district safety plans.

At the beginning of this school year, you received the following Emergency Guide. Please take time to re-review it in its entirety so that you are familiar with our safety terms and procedures and know your role as well as do’s and don’ts in the event of an emergency.

2022-23 Emergency Guide: English/Spanish

We hope never to have reason to activate our crisis response plans, but we promise to prioritize our readiness and to regularly review and practice our protocols so we are prepared should an emergency arise.

Another important aspect of safety in our schools is bullying prevention, and it is something we take very seriously.

Bullying is not an acceptable behavior. Bullying is unwanted, harassing behavior, by words or actions, and is committed by people with low self-esteem. Bullying others makes the bully feel good about themselves, but this is a false feeling. It is done in person or online through social media and is a repeated behavior or has the potential to be repeated. The intent is to hurt, harass or humiliate someone else. Those that bully can face both academic and/or legal consequences.

If your child is being bullied at school, guide them to:

  • Tell someone you trust.
  • Keep a record of what is happening.
  • Do not retaliate.
  • Surround themselves with friends.
  • Not blame themselves.
  • Be proud of who they are.

If your child is being bullied online, they should:

  • Not respond or retaliate.
  • Save the evidence.
  • Tell someone.
  • Report and block the person.
  • Be proud of who they are.

Be sure to remind your child that the problem is with the person doing the bullying, not with them. Reporting bullying can help us ensure our schools are safe, positive places where students can thrive and learn.

Please emphasize to your children the importance of our “See Something - Say Something” protocol. Report any bullying or safety concerns to a campus staff member or administrator or use the Anonymous Reporting link prominent on every campus website.

The safety and security of our students is everyone’s responsibility and will always be our highest priority.

D. Bruce Dareing
SBISD Chief of Police

The safety and security of all students and staff members in Spring Branch ISD is the highest priority of our Board of Trustees.

Please make sure we have your correct contact information and keep us informed of any changes in your phone number or other contact information throughout the year. Update your contact information in Family Access. If we don't have your updated contact information, we won't be able to send you essential messages or alerts in the event of an emergency. (This includes weather-related school closure alerts information/updates.)

You are our most critical partners in ensuring the safety and security of our children and our schools. Please practice and emphasize to your children the importance of our “See something- say something” protocol. Use the Anonymous Reporting link that is prominent on every campus website to share a concern, or information we need to know. Or, call the SBISD Police Department at 713-984-9805.

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