Personalization is the strategy that will help SBISD improve the learning experience and achieve T-2-4 for Every Child.

In 2015, SBISD launched a five-year strategic plan, called The Learner’s Journey. Informed by insights from students, staff, and community members, The Learner’s Journey set out a bold vision for the District that would dramatically improve outcomes for Every Child and drive SBISD towards the ultimate goal of T-2-4. Central to The Learner’s Journey is Personalized Learning across the District.

Personalized Learning is instruction that is paced to student learning needs and tailored to individual learning strengths, preferences and interests. A focus on content mastery at the highest standard possible is at the heart of a personalized learning experience.



Four Pillars of Personalized Learning

SBISD has developed a set of guiding principals to drive personalized learning:

  • Anywhere, Anytime Learning (ACCESS)
  • Individualize Instruction (RIGOR)
  • Holistic, Actionable Data (4D)
  • Student Voice and Agency

Click here to learn more about these driving principals.

District of Innovation Permission to Dream - Learn more about the District of Innovation (DI) Opportunity (HB 1842).


Resources for Personalized Learning

Design for Personalization

Design for Personalized Learning:

Design Thinking

  • School Redesign Process
  • Narrative that described Journey
  • Readiness Rubric 
  • Scope and sequence
  • Image of Design Thinking


  • Learning Science for Rigor
  • Link Learning Science article


  • Community Voices
  • Anatomy of an empathy interview


  • Understanding where Students Stand
  • MAP/Panorama/STAAR
  • COMPASS Dashboard


  • Dream Canvas
  • Link: Document


  • Implementation Plan
  • Thoughtful and responsible

Leading a Personalized Learning School

Leading a Personalized Learning School:

Leadership Competencies

  • Readiness Rubric

Coaching Competencies 

  • Link proficiency scales

Instructional Rounds

  • Narrative

Credit to CA Group, City and Ellmore

  • Instructional Round Protocol (Images of it in action?)


  • Opportunity Culture

Teaching in a Personalized Environment

Teaching in a Personalized Environment

Teacher Competencies

  •      Alignment of T-TESS

Strategies Playlist

  • Instructional Strategies that Drive Personalized Learning
  • Pre- and post- assessments
  • Interdisciplinary Units
  • Passion Projects/Genius Hour
  • Socio-emotional Learning
  • Goal Setting Conferences
  • Station Rotations

Flexibility in Path & Pace

  • Proficiency Scales

Summer Learning

  • Reinventing Summer School for Professional Learning
  • Summer Programming Scope and Sequence
  • Sample Daily Schedule 


  • Anytime, Anywhere
  • LMS itslearning 
  • Adaptive software
  • Digital Citizenship

Case Studies in SBISD

Case Studies at SBISD:

Portfolio of Schools 

  • Example: Nottingham Elementary
  • Example: Northbrook Middle School 
  • Example: Spring Branch Middle School
  • Example: Spring Woods High School