I believe that all children can learn and should be at the center of every decision we make. I believe we are stronger together and reflect this through collaborative decision-making and strategic management.

Meeting the needs of learners is critical to our success, and I share your commitment to student-centered innovation in and out of the classroom. 

Scott R. Muri, Ed.D

Every Child deserves a great educational experience...every day.

During his first 90 days as SBISD Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Scott Muri embarked on an intensive look, listen and learn tour. What he heard is shaping the future for Every Child in our school system. 

Visit SBISD's Strategic Plan Website to learn more about this important and exciting work. Spring Branch ISD’s five-year plan, The Learner’s Journey, represents our commitment to EVERY CHILD, every family and every employee of SBISD as we boldly reconsider what education can and should be.

Then, click here to watch a video message from Dr. Muri discussing exciting opportunities available to our community, students, educators and school district. Learn more about Dr. Muri, his belief in the power of education, and his vision for the future of education in Spring Branch below.


Scott R. Muri, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

955 Campbell Road
Houston, TX  77024

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