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Dear SBISD Families, Staff and Community,

School may be out, but the Legislature is still in session through the Memorial Day Weekend – with critical legislation pending.

Now is our last opportunity for advocacy!

House Bill 100 is the only bill still under consideration that could put new money into the Basic Allotment. However, the Senate version of House Bill 100 includes Education Savings Accounts (aka vouchers), with no accountability and significantly higher per student funding for ESAs than the $50/student proposed increase to the Basic Allotment in the original House version. 

As a reminder, SBISD and districts across the state need a $1,000/student increase in the Basic Allotment, currently at $6,160, to meet the inflationary costs that have negatively impacted us since 2019, the last time the Basic Allotment was increased. As it stands now, teacher raises and critical funding for school districts are being held hostage in this bill due to additional amendments added by the Senate that have been resisted by the House to date. 

Immediate Advocacy Requested

The House and Senate have named their House Bill 100 conference committee members. OUR TWO STATE SENATORS ARE ON THE CONFERENCE COMMITTEE and are among the most influential in the SenateNOW is their opportunity to serve our community by listening to the voices that have been loud and proud throughout this session advocating for our children and our district. 

Please reach out to the Conference Committee members now and advocate for:

  • $1,000 increase in the Basic Allotment, with maximum flexibility for public school funding.  
  • No ESAs without the same accountability as public school districts and the same funding per public school student as for ESAs. Private school students should not be more valuable than our public school students.

House Bill 100 Conferees:

Thank you for your advocacy to #fullyfundSBISD. Our children are our bottom line.

Jennifer Blaine, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools