• Building Understanding
    Supporting Community
    AYAM believes that its community members value the importance of building cultural understanding and an
    appreciation of the creative arts. Everyone deserves access to cultural programming and art space that provides
    fun, educational learning opportunities.

  • Educational Opportunities
    For ALL Ages
    Weekend art workshops, seminars, artist talks, after-hours events and professional learning opportunities are
    some of the offerings that make AYAM an outstanding destination for all ages.
  • Find Your
    "Best" Self
    Art has the capacity to transcend seemingly insurmountable barriers between individuals, communities
    and nations. Art serves as the conduit through which humanity finds and honors its “best” self.
  • Together We Can
    Make History
    When you see something in your midst that truly embodies the best of what can be done together, support it and
    spread the word! Help us enrich the already outstanding services offered by the Altharetta Yeargin Art Museum.
  • Inside the AYAM
    The museum is home to more than 600 artifacts and fine art pieces
    representing cultures from antiquity to the present.

Special Video Spotlights

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A Place for Community

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AYAM from the Inside

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