Strategic Planning & Innovation

During the last few months, you've been invited to 'dream with us' as we've launched a strategic planning process and investigate the Districts of Innovation opportunity made possible by House Bill 1842 (HB 1842) passed during the last legislative session.


Provided here is an update on what we've heard and where we are in the process of investigating HB 1842 and developing a new strategic plan to shape the future of education in classrooms and schools in Spring Branch. We hope you stay engaged as the work continues!

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What is the districts of innovation opportunity?
How are we developing a new strategic plan?

The Opportunity: Districts of Innovation (HB 1842)

"Everyone that has ever done anything significant first found themselves in the place where the status quo no longer was enough.”

Passage of HB 1842 by the 84th State Legislature created a mechanism for school districts to think differently with more freedom and flexibility.


HB 1842 creates a new classification of public school districts, Districts of Innovation, and provides a level of local autonomy and the ability to waive some statutory requirements.


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The Strategic Planning Process

SBISD is excited to embark on the next chapter in achieving Spring Branch T-2-4 for EVERY CHILD.
The first step in this journey is the development of a new strategic plan. Information about the opportunities related to HB 1842, the planning process and resources related to this work are located on the SBISD website.


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The Timeline

Starting with Dr. Muri's 90-Day Look, Listen and Learn Tour, our stakeholders have engaged in an ongoing dialogue about our schools, our system and what it means to provide a premiere educational experience for EVERY CHILD. Take a comprehensive look at where we are.


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The Resources

We believe the only way we can succeed at serving EVERY CHILD is by working together.

COLLABORATIVE SPIRIT and COLLECTIVE GREATNESS are identified as core values for a reason in SBISD.

From a 90-Day Look, Listen and Learn Tour, to special community meetings, working groups and campus Staying Connected Tours, we value your input and participation in all that we do. We hope you will take a moment to review the PROCESS and RESOURCES driving our work.


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