Technical Certification Leadership Committee

What's so great about earning a technical certificate? 

A technical certificate is another way SBISD high school graduates can refine and follow their chosen career path.

There are plenty of technical certifications that are relevant to different specializations. Each offer their own advantages in their fields.

If you are thinking of earning a technical certificate to assist you in establishing yourself on a career path, or if you want to take your college degree to the next stage by increasing your level of expertise, technical certifications can help you meet your goal.

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A great way to find out if you will benefit from earning a technical certification is to talk to your campus teachers, your counselor and business leaders in your field of choice. 


Developing Opportunities & Choice for students

SBISD's Technical Certification Leadership Committee (TCLC) is committed to developing opportunities and choice for students that enable them to perform at a higher level and positively impact their professional career advancement.

The committee will build on the expertise of district and local area business leaders and work collaboratively to identify and increase the visibility and understanding of:

  •  Why should students consider and achieve a technical certificate vs. attending a traditional college or directly entering the workplace?
  •  Why is it important to offer choice to students when planning a career path and how does that fits into a college-ready culture?
  • What are the target industries that will offer the best career options for graduates in the next 5-10 year that require a technical certification?
  • What are the industry demands for technical certification currently?  How will that change in the next 5-10 years?
  •  What are the marketable skills our students need to develop to enter target industries?
  • What options do students currently have to achieve marketable skills, benefit from a collaborative career partnership pathway, and become industry leaders?
  • How can SBISD increase the depth and type of opportunities for students so they will be able to successfully earn a technical certification and pursue a career pathway in the local business community?

Thank you for being an SBISD Leader and serving on the TCLC!