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In-Person Courses

We offer a wide variety of computer. Most of our classes are conducted in the classroom at 2100 Shadowdale Dr., during the regular semester. Periodically, we offer shorter courses, concentrating on a single subject matter. To maximize your learning experience, our classes are usually taught with 1 student per computer.

Classes fill quickly.  Don't wait.  Register today! Register online, come by the office, or see one of our instructors. We'll get you signed up today. 

Mature youth with the prerequisites are welcome in all our computer classes with instructor's approval. Parents of students under 16 must speak with instructor prior to registering. Please call 713-251-1695 to leave a message for the instructor. To register, for more information or if you have questions, please contact us:

Community Education Office at (713) 251-1695

This page was last updated 5/14/2019.

Course Descriptions

Semester Schedule

Call us for more information.

Please Call 713-251-1695

Payment Method: Cash, Money Order, Credit Card.