Drivers Education

Learn how to drive and the rules of the road in this hand-on class.

Students, if you have taken Driver's Education at one of the HIGH SCHOOLS, please call Community Education Office for information on make up days if you need to make up any class time and/or to schedule your Drive Time if you already have your PERMIT.

If you have an outstanding balance, you will need to pay that off before you can get your final certificate (DE-964) to take to DPS for your Driving Test.

Registration information and class schedules are available at all high school campuses. Students need to be 15 years of age before they can start the driving phase. The student will have to complete course before their 18th birthday.

Cost is approximately $410.00. Bring cash or money order only to the first day of class to register. You may come to the office before the session begins to pay by credit card or pay online. This program is self-sustaining and each session will continue only with sufficient enrollment. (No Checks please.)

Fall 2019 schedule SHS start date is November 19 thru December 17.  This is the only school that will have classes Monday - Friday as the district would like to finish this semester on December 17, 2019.

Classes will take place in ROOM 331 starting at 3:00pm.

IMPORTANT: ALL SCHOOLS, Please make sure to submit payments to MySchoolBucks.

Call us for more information.

Payment Method: Cash, Money Order, Credit Card, Checks

As office staff is limited, we no longer take phone registration. Register online.



Want More Drive Time?

Want your novice driver to have more drive time with an instructor?  We offer extra driving instruction time beyond the 7 hours required for $50/hr.  This time can be used towards any specific needs such as, parallel parking, preparing for DPS road test, or even the additional 30 hours required by the state.