Guiding Principles:

Class Size:
  • LeadSBISD Class size will be up to 28 individuals (4 from each Middle School Feeder Pattern).  
  • Selected by lottery.
Application Requirements:

Applicants must: 

  • live in SBISD in one of the seven middle school feeder patterns, and 
  • commit to attend the scheduled sessions (schedule will be posted in advance of the application). 

Only one absence will be allowed to be able to graduate from the program. Please note, LeadSBISD is not open to current SBISD employees. 

Participant Requirements:

In addition to attending the scheduled sessions, participants must attend one Board of Trustees Regular  Meeting and one Board of Trustees Workshop Meeting. 

  • Optional SBISD school tours may be offered.  
  • There is no cost to participate. 
  • Translation/interpretation will be available.
Program Structure:

Board Member Liaisons will lead the sessions in their respective areas, with much-appreciated assistance from senior staff.  No more than three Board members may attend any LeadSBISD session. 

Meetings will typically be in the evening, every other month (possible schedule on next page)