Other Support Opportunities

Below are additional opportunities to support Every Child and engage in Collective Greatness in SBISD!

Campus Improvement Team

The role of the Campus Improvement Team (CIT) is to serve in an advisory capacity to the campus principal. CITs are composed of students, teachers, staff and community members. They aid the principal in setting the strategic direction and goals of the campus. 

District Improvement Team

The district-wide improvement committee, known as the District Improvement Team (DIT), is composed of certified campus professionals, District-level staff, parents of students enrolled in the District, community members, and business representatives.

Defined by Texas law, the DIT advises the Superintendent in such areas as planning, staffing patterns, budgeting, staff development, curriculum, and school organization.Add more content

J. Landon Short Mini Grant Program

The J. Landon Short Mini-Grant Program provides small amounts of funding to make possible big ideas in our classrooms. Every year we seek community sponsors to fund and help implement the program. Sponsors are welcome at any level and are invited to serve as application judges, as well as make in-person surprise visits to award winning teachers with their grant funds.


Community Relations oversee a number of programs and events that seek community sponsorship and support each year. These include, but are not limited to: employee Convocation, The Vanguard Fellows Teacher Cohort, Parent U, etc. 

Xtra Credit- Employee Perks Program

Xtra Credit is SBISD’s employee perks program that allows local businesses to provide discounts, incentives and perks to SBISD employees. For a program fee of $500/year, SBISD communicates your offer to all SBISD employees through our employee newsletter, social media channels, intranet and employee app. Partners are given a program decal to display in your place of business so the community knows you support SBISD employees!


Community Relations