My Home Library

In partnership with the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation, My Home Library allows every student at an elementary school to select six books to take home and keep to begin building their Home Library.

The books are absolutely free to the students, but for a school to participate, it needs one or more sponsors, that's where you come in!


Why is a Home Library Important?

The Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation (BBHLF) has found that, "when childrean have access to books in tehir home, and have choice in selecting books, research clearly shows a higher probability that they will read more frequently and achieve at higher levels academically.

Unfortunately, books are a luxury that many families cannot afford, yet they are essential to a child's development."

To find out more about how My Home Library came to be and why books at home are so important, visit

Participating SBISD Campuses

Fall Schools

  • Hollibrook Elementary
  • Treasure Forest Elementary
  • Lion Lane
  • Panda Path
  • Tiger Trail

Spring Schools

  • Housman Elementary


Need answers to questions or want more information? Contact the Partnerships & Volunteer Team!

Abby Walker, Coordinator for Strategic Partnerships & Volunteers
Katie Redd, Community Engagement Specialist

My Home Library in Action!

Ready to Sponsor?

Want to see more elementary schools added to the list on the left? You can make that happen by sponsoring as an individual or as a company at different levels!

  • Sponsor a student: ~$30
  • Sponsor a classroom: ~$600
  • Sponsor a grade-level: ~$2,000

Feeling ambitious and want to sponsor an entire school? Contact Abby Walker at or 713-251-2289.