Share A Smile

SBISD's Customer Service Program

We are here to provide all customers with extraordinary service. Let us know how we are doing.

  • Did a campus or department  WELCOME you?
  • Did a customer service provider (any employee!) LISTEN to your needs?
  • Did an SBISD employee HELP you with a solution?
  • Did you feel LOVED and RESPECTED at an SBISD location?

Look for the Share a Smile link on campus and department websites and return the favor by submitting a Share a Smile Yay! notice to the site leader so great service can be recognized and rewarded. 

Our Mission:

It's as simple as saying YES.
We, the employees of SBISD, believe a culture of excellence is the foundation of scholastic and personal success, and, thereby extend to students, families, colleagues and community our highest level of service.

Our Pledge:

Every SBISD employee will provide extraordinary Customer Service by exemplifying these declarations:

  • You are welcome here.
  • We listen to you.
  • We are solutions-minded.
  • We love and respect our customers.

Get Involved!

Is your campus or department is interested in becoming a YES, WE DO campus by joining the Share A Smile Program?

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