Things to Know About the Districts of Innovation Opportunity in SBISD

"Everyone that has ever done anything significant first found themselves in the place where the status quo no longer was enough.”

In SBISD, we are committed to Every Child.

On September 28, 2015, the Board of Trustees approved a resolution to explore the opportunity for SBISD to become a District of Innovation. The Board passed this resolution based on its:

  • commitment to the success of Every Child;
  • long-standing practice of supporting innovation for the benefit of students; and,
  • belief that it can be a better decision-making body for students when it has freedom to exercise local control over the decision-making process.

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What do we know about the District of Innovation (DI) Opportunity?

HB 1842 was passed during the 84th  Texas Legislative Session in Spring, 2015, and provides Texas public school districts the opportunity to be designated as Districts of Innovation.

Districts of Innovation may be exempted from a number of state statutes and will have:

  • greater local control as the decision makers over the educational and instructional model for students;
  • increased freedom and flexibility, with accountability, relative to state mandates that govern educational programming; and
  • empowerment to innovate and think differently.

What’s the process for becoming a District of Innovation?

In SBISD, the DI process will align with the District’s strategic planning process and annual budget development process.

A high level overview of the proposed timeline is as follows:

  • The Board of Trustees passes a resolution to study the concept and opportunities provided under the District of Innovation legislation (HB1842) (9.28.15)
  • The District Improvement Team (DIT) is acquainted with the DI opportunity (10.1.15)
  • The Board of Trustees holds a public hearing and appoints a District Level Committee (DLC) to develop a Local Innovation Plan (LIP) (TBD)
  • A Local Innovation Plan (LIP) is developed by a stakeholder committee appointed by the SBISD Board of Trustees. The process includes feedback loops with the Board of Trustees and DIT (Oct, 2015 – Jan, 2016)
  • The DIT holds a public hearing at which time it considers and then takes vote on LIP (TBD
  • The Board of Trustees votes to notify the Texas Education Agency Commissioner of its intention to vote on adopting final LIP. (TBD  )
  • The LIP is posted on the district website for at least 30 days (TBD)
  • Board of Trustees votes to adopt final LIP (TBD)

Where should questions/comments about the District of Innovation opportunity be directed?

Please direct all questions/comments regarding the District of Innovation opportunity to

How will stakeholders be able to follow the District of Innovation process?

The district will maintain a District of Innovation webpage on the district’s website at

The District of Innovation Committee

Under House Bill 1842, the SBISD Board of Trustees will approve the District of Innovation Committee. If you know of anyone interested in serving, please ask them to email us at


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