Opportunity Culture roles/positions specific to SBISD being considered for the school year include the following:


Multi-Classroom Leader – Leads multiple teachers, tutors and others to meet SBISD standards of excellence. In collaboration with campus leadership, continuously supports each team member’s role and goals, determines how students spend time, and organizes teaching roles to fit each teacher’s strengths, content knowledge and professional development goals.

Expanded Impact-Specialized Teacher – Plans and delivers in-person instruction with increased student load. Position may include increased class sizes or innovative scheduling.

Expanded Impact Teacher-In Person Blended Learning – This position may be a Flex or Rotation position. The teacher plans and delivers in-person instruction for multiple classes dependent on campus needs.

Expanded Impact Teacher-Remote – Plans and delivers remote instruction for multiple classes, dependent upon campus.

Social Emotional Support Teacher – Develops, coordinates, and monitors a school-wide strategy to create a positive school culture through implementation of positive behavior interventions and supports, social emotional learning, and other practices.


Associate Teacher – Supervises in-class learning. Manages student behavior and classroom procedures to ensure a productive learning environment. Assist and prepare lesson plan development with certified staff to reflect accommodations for differences in student learning styles.

Digital Lab Monitor – Supervises digital learning in a computer lab and manages student work, behavior and lab procedures to ensure a productive learning environment.

Aspiring Teacher – Assist the Multi-Classroom Leader, Expanded Impact Teacher, or Campus Administrator in the implementation of the Opportunity Culture program and activities.

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