Infant (6 weeks–12 months)
The goal of this program is to care for infants and demonstrate unconditional acceptance.  This is a crucial time in your child's life for developing trust, cooperation, and love.  The childcare staff’s goals are to love and nurture your infant through singing, holding, rocking, reading, and meeting all other needs of the infant.  All childcare centers promote self-motivated activities through natural experiences and individual development at the child's own pace.  Each center has a space for all breastfeeding mothers.  Please see your center director for the area at your center.

Toddler (13 - 23 months)
The goal of this program is to encourage creativity, exploration, and problem solving through integrated theme-based lessons and hands-on activities.  Children are encouraged to be independent as staff continues to work on developmental milestones.

2- and 3-Year-Old
The goal of this program is to offer a rich learning environment.  The social, emotional, physical, aesthetic, and intellectual development of the children are addressed through integrated curriculum.  Children learn to explore through a variety of themes, working on projects, and interaction in centers of learning.