A teacher appreciation award recognizing SBISD classroom teachers

Why: In this unprecedented year, SBISD classroom teachers deserve recognition for the ways in which they drive success for Every Child. 

What: A monthly teacher appreciation program, sponsored by SBISD partner Sterling McCall Group, that recognizes an outstanding classroom teacher with a new car for their personal use for the month in which they were named. 

How: Each month, Principals will receive a Nomination Form via SuperNotes and will be invited to nominate one classroom teacher from their campus for the way in which he/she is driving success.

The last week of each month, the Community Relations Team will conduct a random lottery drawing from nominations received to choose the Teachers Driving Success award winner. Principals can submit a new nominee each month and nominations received will remain in the pool for 3 months.

The winner will be announced on/near the 1st of the month via SBISD social media and an all SBISD email.

The teacher will be connected to the Sterling McCall Group dealership to arrange a time, at their convenience, to pick up their loaner vehicle for the month.

At the end of the month, the teacher will return the vehicle directly to the dealership. 

Who: Only classroom teachers are eligible to be nominated/selected for the Teachers Driving Success award. Nominations can only be submitted by the campus Principal. Note: Sterling McCall Group is also an SBISD Xtra Credit partner and extends their employee discounts for all SBISD employees. 

Questions: Abby Walker (abigail.walker@springbranchisd.com) or Katie Redd (katie.redd@springbranchisd.com)

Nomination Form (principals only)

Program Winners

January 2021
February 2021

March 2021

April 2021

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May 2021

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