Spring Branch T-2-4 for EVERY CHILD

The Journey

What is The Learner's Journey?

We are all learners.

Spring Branch ISD’s strategic plan, The Learner’s Journey, commits Spring Branch ISD to ensuring an excellent education for EVERY CHILD by striving to meet each child where they are by way of personalizing instruction. This means designing learning environments and delivering learning experiences that value and build on the individual talents, needs, interests and aspirations of ALL learners.

It also is our commitment to nurture the strengths, gifts, and development of our employees, our families and our community in new and bold ways, while holding fast to our Core Values.

Our children deserve it.
Their future demands it.

Values & Vision

The Learner’s Journey builds on SBISD’s strongest assets – our supportive community and our people – and sustains our commitment to Spring Branch T-2-4 and SBISD’s Core Values. (Every Child, Collective Greatness, Collaborative Spirit, Limitless Curiosity, Moral Compass)

We continue to focus on the sustained vision of Spring Branch T-2-4 for EVERY CHILD, by which we align and target our collective work.

As a District of Innovation (DOI), SBISD has the ability to leverage freedom, flexibility and local control, as it pursues specific innovations in relation to maximize educational opportunities for our kids.

The District of Innovation is part of Texas House Bill 1842.

(DOI) in Action

Unless and until the SBISD Board of Trustees takes action to enact a particular exemption from the Texas Education Code and related regulations, nothing changes in SBISD’s compliance with state laws and local policies.

If the Board of Trustees considers a change under the DOI law, they give parents, students, employees, and the community an opportunity to weigh in.

The Board is committed to requiring a super-majority, or two-thirds vote, for any policy change considered under the DOI law.

View information on Board Approved DOI Exemptions

Learn more about SBISD's District of Innovation (DOI)




The Roadmap

Making sure we’re doing the right work at the right time.


What is The ROADMAP?

The SBISD Roadmap highlights some of the most salient strategies and tactics we'll adopt to align and focus our collective work and holds us accountable to making progress.

2017-18 roadmap

Recognizing that lots of work has to happen behind the scenes and the work identified on the roadmap is just the tip of the iceberg, the milestones highlighted represent the work that we believe is critical to ensuring that we make adequate progress towards our goal.

We believe that learning is not just a student experience. We believe each of us, to be successful, must strive to be a life-long learner. The SBISD Roadmap provides a flexible framework to do just that.

The Work

The Themes, The Tactics & The Results

Learning Ecosystems

The student learning environment, including both traditional school and “beyond school” time

Extraordinary People

The care and development of every SBISD employee

Customized Supports

The people, places, partners, programs and processes that provide students, families and staff with personalized resources

Resilient Foundation

How we will be an aligned, well-functioning school system

How long will this work take?

The Learner's Journey will take us well into the next five years. While this is a somewhat standard timeline, we recognize that we don’t have all the answers today for how to design every solution we will need over the next few years. As a result, we will leverage the power of Design Thinking to inform our approach to the work moving forward.

Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to problem solving that stresses empathy with stakeholders and creating solutions that pertain directly to their needs, goals, and motivations. We are committed to listening to and learning from our staff, teachers, students, parents, and community members as we strive to ensure that every child in our system is met with the support and the opportunities that are best for him or her.

The Learner's Journey is designed based on learning cycles. These cycles are rooted in a model called Design Thinking. What is Design Thinking? Design thinking is the repeatable process that employs unique, creative techniques, with results that usually exceed initial expectations.

How do we measure success?

In SBISD we're establishing a set of real-time and long-term measures to define progress in achieving our goal of Spring Branch T-2-4 for EVERY CHILD.

These measures will inform the answers to specific questions designed to focus on the most critical priorities for our district. They frame not only our commitment to ensuring that EVERY CHILD is successful in Spring Branch, but also our intentional focus on ensuring that our staff, faculty, and families have the support they need to help our students reach that success.

These questions are:

  • How academically prepared is EVERY CHILD?
  • How much progress is EVERY CHILD making?
  • How is EVERY CHILD doing beyond the classroom?
  • How are our alumni doing after they graduate?
  • Are we providing effective supports for our employees, students, and families?
  • Are we developing a sustainable talent model?


The Voices

Voices on the Journey

Working for EVERY CHILD

In My Voice


We believe the only way we can succeed at serving EVERY CHILD is by working together. COLLABORATIVE SPIRIT and COLLECTIVE GREATNESS are core values for a reason in SBISD. Included here are voices from a range of stakeholders engaged in the planning, implementation and work of SBISD's strategic plan.

Look for more blog postings and videos to be added as the work continues!

Video Spotlights:

The Learners

How will this work impact me?

Everyone is a learner.

One of the exciting things about The Learner's Journey is the shared belief that we're all learners! It's not just about students or educators; our journey is about all of us. Learning is human. It's about relationships, and the experiences and the personal path each of us takes every day. Where those paths intersect, and how we elect to invest our energy and time, are what change lives and shape futures.

As we journey, together, we'll be sharing stories from our learners. From the students and educators thinking differently about learning to our volunteers, partners and families engaging to support meaningful outcomes for all kids, to our school district rethinking and reshaping what public education can and should be, you'll find insights and highlights from this exciting body of work here.