Core Commitments

As we tenaciously accept the challenge of this new normal, SBISD will continue to follow the guidance of local, state and national health and government agencies with two guiding imperatives:

  • the health, safety and well-being of our students, staff and families, and 

  • the academic growth and social-emotional development our students need and deserve and their families expect. 

Grounded in our core values, we will:

Prioritize Every Child

  • What’s best for children, within the confines of the guidance to which we must adhere, will drive our decisions. 

  • Prioritize instructional continuity, maintaining our commitment to Every Child. Every day. 

  • Every minute. Every way. 

  • Be unwavering in our commitment to educational excellence and the SBISD experience, with educators and students held accountable for their part of teaching and learning, even though 

  • the location of instruction may vary. 

Leverage Collective Greatness

  • Emphasize our belief that everyone’s work matters. 

  • Value and place importance on every member of the SBISD Family and hold each other accountable.

  • Leverage each individual’s gifts and talents for the good of our children and the system. 

Nurture Collaborative Spirit 

  • Model that each of us is committed to all of us and that professional learning communities, teamwork and sharing ideas are more important than ever.

  • Work together, acknowledging the need for flexibility to ensure all ideas are welcomed and illuminated and the most impactful are enacted. 

  • Recognize everyone is doing their best and understand that we all are experiencing Covid-19 impacts in some way. There will be no judgement.

Expand Limitless Curiosity

  • Ask the hardest questions to ensure the best solutions – be willing to be innovative and think differently.

  • Learn from family, student and staff experiences and seek feedback when appropriate to continually improve 

  • Provide all teachers, learners, leaders and families with the tools and supports needed to succeed 

  • in distance learning

Navigate with a strong Moral Compass

  • Sustain the trust of stakeholders as we make hard decisions, and communicate regularly with transparency and empathy.

  • Ensure that high quality education as a fundamental, non-negotiable happens for Every Child so they achieve their highest potential, regardless of the circumstances we face.

  • Treat others with kindness and respect, even if viewpoints differ.