Staying Connected


Our goal is to keep the community informed, maintain transparency, align messaging between the district and schools, and keep all channels of communication open. 

Skyward, itslearning and School Messenger

Skyward (Family Access) is a password-protected site that provides both parents and students access to course grades, homework, attendance, and other data. 

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itslearning provides teachers and students with a powerful platform for communication and meaningful organization of the learning experience in support of the ISTE standards for educators and learners.  Through itslearning educators are able to deliver a blended learning experiences, and students are empowered with learning pathways and opportunities to hone their communication and collaboration skills with classmates. 

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School Messenger

School Messenger is SBISD’s tool to connect with parents and families via phone, text and email for regarding attendance, school closings and delayed openings, emergency alerts and information, general school announcements. SBISD uses your email and phone numbers on-file in Skyward. 

Any changes in e-mail address and/or phone number should be made in Skyward’s Family Access or directly communicated to the campus, not in School Messenger. 

Don’t opt out of SchoolMessenger, or you won’t receive call-outs, emails or texts in emergencies!  

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Connecting with Teachers

Connect with your teacher through email. Every school website has a pull-down at the top of the page titled “About” from there you will find a link to a page called “Staff (A-Z).”

Provide Feedback

It's important to recognize that great communication starts by listening. It's essential for us to expand our method of collecting feedback this school year. That's why we're implementing Let's ConnectLet's Connect provides a new way for SBISD to collect, organize, and quickly respond to your most pressing questions and needs. Look for the Let's Connect tab on the SBISD website. 

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Support Communication

School principals and administrators "retweet," repost, and assist in sending out messages through their campus and department social media accounts. Our parents can do the same! Share, like and continue the conversation on your own media channels. You'll help to ensure everyone is well informed and connected.

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