Teaching & Learning

Learning options: 

Our LearnSBISD Teaching and Learning Plan is aligned with TEA guidelines and provides two learning options for our families:

Both options offer the same excellent instruction
from amazing SBISD educators.


In-person Learning

  • Students return to our schools

  • Safety measures such as hand-sanitizing stations, PPE and handwashing schedules, and physical distancing when possible, will be in place.

  • All staff and students will be required to wear face coverings/masks in indoor common spaces

Distance Learning

  • Students learn online and follow a daily schedule.

  • Includes required participation in “live”, real-time and “independent” learning sessions every class period of every school day.

  • Attendance will be taken daily, and lesson plans will consist of regular student-teacher interaction, following the SBISD scope and sequence.

If your family would like to change your learning model (Posted Sept. 25, 2020):

If you wish to change your child’s learning model from distance learning to in-person learning for the second nine weeks, you may do so now until Friday, Oct. 2, at midnight.

The second nine weeks begins on Monday, October 19.

Note: If your student will remain in their current Learning Model for the second nine weeks, no action is required

  • When changing learning models, please know your child’s teacher(s) may change

  • Class assignments have been made based on family choice for the first 9 weeks. 

  • As we move forward, class assignments will depend on your child’s grade level and how many students are online or in-person.

For current In-person Learners:

If you choose to move from In-person learning to Distance learning, the process requires you to complete:

For current Distance Learners:

If you choose to move from distance to in-person learning, the process requires you to complete:

How are the models the same?

Our plan offers flexibility for our schools to resume in-person learning with rigorous health and safety measures in place, and an opportunity for families to choose our distance learning model.

Both options for learning utilize carefully planned SBISD curriculum and the same:

  • attendance requirements

  • supports from campus staff like counselors and CIS

  • opportunities to participate in extracurricular and UIL activities

  • high expectations for our staff and our students

  • grading guidelines

School-level Resources

Student Devices

  • Students participating in the distance learning program will receive a grade-level approriate, district-approved device.

  • Use of a district-provided device is subject to parent permission and adherence to the district’s Code of Conduct and Acceptable Use Policy.

  • Forms will be provided as part of the back-to-school process.