Sept. 18 - Sept. 25


This marked the second week of our students back on campus, and we couldn’t be more excited! We are so proud of how our students have adapted to our new health and safety protocols. They’re doing a great job!

Our SBISD leaders also continue to work tirelessly to ensure that our strong health and safety protocols are in place and being followed throughout our facilities. It will take a village to provide a great and safe learning environment for Every Child.

Please be sure that you are doing your part and help us through:

  • continued use of required daily health screeners, masks and face shields, and

  • smart choices about parties, social gatherings and other off-campus socializing that we know our children and families enjoy and desire but heightens the risk of COVID-19 spreading to and within our schools. To view the full LearnSBISD Health & Safety plan, please click here.

Be sure to check this page each week for updates, reminders and quick links to forms, resources and documents. Updates will be made at the end of each week for the week ahead.

Check with your school!

Make sure to check with your school for information on:

  • Staggered schedules

  • Classroom and hallway student conduct

  • Designated eating areas

  • Special Education and sports activity updates

Click here for access to a listing of SBISD schools. 


Forms, resources & documents:

These forms and more information about SBISD's Health and Safety Plan can be found here.


SBISD will post important, timely updates to this page every Friday. We will provide updates and information via email and district  social media channels. Our goal is provide helpful information and reminders for students and families of in-person learning. 

Please note: This does not replace communication coming from your school principal and teachers. If you are not receiving updates or information from your school, please reach out directly to your teacher or school principal.