Oct. 16 - Oct. 23


Attendance is key to your child’s success in school; failure to attend classes will dramatically impact your child’s academic achievements.

Many of our distance learners have adapted well to this learning model as an alternative to in-person learning. We applaud these students’ sustained engagement in all classes throughout the school day, every day. Keep up the great work!

Unfortunately, for some distance learners, attendance and sustained engagement is not consistent. Beginning the second nine-week grading period, on Monday, October 19, SBISD will strictly enforce attendance requirements.

Any student who does not attend 90 percent of the days of every class they are enrolled in will be placed on an Academic Support Plan at week three of the second nine weeks and will be monitored through week six.

The Academic Support Plan and enforcement of State attendance rules could result in requiring your student to return to in-person learning. Please encourage your child’s regular virtual classroom attendance for the duration of the entire class for every class, every day. If your family has unusual circumstance or needs additional supports to ensure your child’s success, please reach out to your child’s teacher or principal.

We expect all SBISD students (& parents!) - whether learning on campus or online - to abide by SBISD’s Student Code of Conduct, Student/Parent Handbook, and Board Policies*, as well as roles and responsibilities outlined in our LearnSBISD plan. SBISD will enforce our policies and procedures regarding student discipline, academic integrity, timeliness, and attendance.

Your children are very important to us, and their academic growth and social and emotional well-being are our priorities. We appreciate your partnership to ensure their success!


Be sure to check this page each week for updates, reminders and quick links to forms, resources and documents. Updates will be made at the end of each week for the week ahead.

Check with your school!

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SBISD will post important, timely updates to this page every Friday. We will provide updates and information via email and district  social mediaOur goal is provide helpful information and reminders for students and families of distance learning. 

Please note: This does not replace communication coming from your school principal and teachers. If you are not receiving updates or information from your school, please reach out directly to your teacher or school principal.