Staying Connected


Our goal is to keep the community informed, maintain transparency, align messaging between the district and schools, and keep all channels of communication open. 

Provided here is an overview of how we communicate in SBISD and how you can CONNECT. 

How can I connect with my teacher?

Connect with your teacher through email. Every school website has a pull-down at the top of the page titled “About” from there you will find a link to a page called “Staff (A-Z).”

How can I connect to provide feedback?

It's important to recognize that great communication starts by listening. It's essential for us to expand our method of collecting feedback this school year. That's why we're implementing Let's ConnectLet's Connect provides a new way for SBISD to collect, organize, and quickly respond to your most pressing questions and needs.

Look for the Let's Connect tab on the SBISD website. Click here to learn more. 

How can you support communication?

Our network of school principals and administrators "retweet," repost, and assist in sending out messages through their campus and department social media accounts. Our parents can do the same! You can share, like and continue the conversation on your own media channels. By doing so you'll ensuring other parents like yourself are well informed and connected to the news and information they need. Thank you!

How can I connect with the school district?

We will continue to utilize the following platforms for communication in the year ahead:

Sign up for news alerts!

Make sure you're signed up for email and text alerts from us. Learn more here