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2017 Bond progress is on display as students and staff return to school 


The $898.4 million 2017 Bond Program, approved by 80 percent of voters in November 2017, has made a great impact across Spring Branch ISD schools, students, staff and the community by continuing the transformation of district facilities that began with the 2007 Bond Program. 

Over the summer, planning and work for the 2017 Bond Program continued and exciting new renovations and improvements have taken place. 

Bunker Hill Elementary

As part of the 2017 Bond, the previous 58,385-square-foot Bunker Hill Elementary was replaced by a new 110,00-square-foot building designed to accommodate 750 students. 

Teachers are excited to decorate their classrooms and make use of the new learning pods and shared spaces that enhance collaboration. 

“Our new building has a variety of collaborative spaces that will be helpful for teaching small groups,” said Julie Johnson, Bunker Hill assistant principal. “Our students, teachers and staff will greatly benefit from the new features.” 

On Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 4 p.m., SBISD will celebrate the official grand opening of the rebuilt Bunker Hill Elementary. SBISD Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Blaine will open with remarks and attendees will have an opportunity to tour the new building. 

Woodview Elementary

A Project Advisory Team (PAT), comprised of staff, parents and community members, has been collaborating to design the new Woodview Elementary. As a result, they have designed a school that ensures all the necessary elements are included to maximize student learning. 

“I volunteered to be part of the PAT, as my daughter attended Woodview,” said community member Caroline Horsley. “Having the opportunity to collaborate and be part of the design process was very rewarding.” 

Rebecca Watson, fifth grade teacher at Woodview and PAT member, notes that it has been a great experience to witness the process of designing the new school and is excited to give students the building they really deserve.

Similarly, Patricia Aguirre, a fifth grade teacher who has been at Woodview for eight years and is also a PAT member, is happy that a new campus is being built. She notes that different perspectives came together to reach the final building design and she is thrilled for the new collaborative spaces that students will be able to enjoy.

Groundbreaking for the new Woodview Elementary is slated to take place in January 2023.

Northbrook High School

Northbrook High School’s new classroom addition will enhance the student and staff experience, while giving more space for learning. Site improvements, which include a new school entry with a secure vestibule, HVAC upgrades, roof replacements, restroom renovations and new classroom door locks, have elevated the school’s unique design and style. 

The school’s new addition also includes state-of-the-art science labs with advanced technology that will help students obtain hands-on experiences to stimulate their minds. 

Athletic upgrades have also been made, including renovated gym floors, additional lighting and a synthetic turf practice field. 

“I can’t wait for students to see the new wing,” said Javier Martinez, Northbrook English teacher. “We now have windows, which will help foster creativity. We also have new desks that encourage collaboration among students, which will strengthen their learning.”

History teacher William Headington also commented on the new windows and mentioned that “having sunlight will help students be more energized and enable them to be more alert and ready to learn.” 

A ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 28 at 4:30 p.m. to celebrate Northbrook’s new wing. Attendees will also have a chance to take a tour and see the exciting renovations. 

Memorial High School

To ensure the safety of students and staff and reduce traffic congestion in the area, a new bus drop-off area and staff parking has been added at Memorial High School (MHS). 

Marion McClinton has been a bus driver for 15 years in SBISD and notes that she is excited for buses to have their own space at MHS, as they previously had to share the drop-off area with parents and student drivers. 

“Since we have different access points, we will no longer be congested in one area,” said McClinton. “I am grateful that SBISD is renovating schools and adding important elements, it not only benefits our students but also our staff and the community.” 

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