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A message from Dr. Jennifer Blaine to the community


Dear SBISD Families,

As we pause for a much-needed Thanksgiving holiday, we thank you for entrusting your beautiful children to us. They are simply remarkable! 

My favorite days are those when I am out on our campuses talking with children and watching them read, problem solve and build friendships that will last a lifetime. They always make me smile and remind me how fortunate I am to serve the community I am blessed to call home. 

Each semester I meet several times with high school students who serve on my Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council and with journalism students who ask me really tough questions at our student press conferences. I am always dazzled by how they have developed into thoughtful and critical thinkers who communicate beautifully, are eager to learn about each other and care deeply about their education. I am so proud of them- and grateful for you- our most important partners in helping them achieve at the highest levels possible.
I often say our high school students are so amazing, they could probably solve all our state’s public school finance issues in a day or less! Unfortunately, our students are not running our state!  

I know the conversations we have had, and are continuing to have, about the budget challenges and decisions facing us have been exceptionally difficult and unsettling. Having to make hard financial decisions is one thing for corporate America. Having to make hard decisions that impact our children, staff, communities and families is heart-wrenching on a wholly different level. For you - and for us.

I so wish this were not the case. I share your frustration knowing that our students, our teachers and public education do not seem to be the priority of our state leaders. 

But we will not let them take us down. Your children are too important.
That’s why, more than ever, I’m grateful for your sustained advocacy that has been beyond amazing. A fourth special session is currently underway. Should there be proposed bills that are good for SBISD, we will ask you to step up once again to encourage our elected officials to #fullyfundsbisd. 

On behalf of all our employees, I also thank you for the gratitude and support you show to them every day. You can’t imagine how far your smiles, gestures, kind words, snacks and notes of encouragement go to make their day! 

Please enjoy a safe, peaceful and restorative Thanksgiving break. 

With gratitude,

Jennifer Blaine, Ed.D.
Superintendent, Spring Branch ISD