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A message from the Board president

SBISD Community,

SBISD was recently notified that the Voting Rights Act lawsuit filed by Virginia Elizondo against SBISD will likely proceed to trial in October of 2023. After multiple delays caused by changing judges twice (likely because the case was originally assigned to a judge on Senior Status), the Court has now set a "Docket Call" hearing for Friday, October 13, 2023. Trial is likely to start the next week (the exact date will be formally determined during the Docket Call hearing) and our lawyers anticipate it to last approximately 5 days. Because there are usually several post-trial steps to complete, it is likely that the Judge will announce a verdict within a few months after the trial ends.

As you know, SBISD has a trustee election scheduled for May and the district will conduct that election as planned. I have consistently stated that SBISD will fight to defend the lawsuit, and the Board firmly believes that our current at-large election system best serves SBISD students, families, employees, and community members.


Chris Earnest
SBISD Board President