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SBISD celebrates diversity with #CollectiveGreatness
A profile of Community Superintendent Bryan Williams
Community Superintendent Bryan Williams has spent 16 years in the district in leadership roles, doing his part to ensure every child afforded the resources to be T-2-4 ready at graduation. Dr. Williams has a story of triumph, rising from a childhood of poverty to becoming a respected leader in one of the top school districts in Texas thanks to hard work and an incredible support system.
What does Collective Greatness mean to you?
Williams: To me, collective greatness means valuing, appreciating and embracing the gifts, talents, contributions and perspectives of others as we work together to achieve a common goal.
What role model has made the most impact on your career, and how have you tried to pay it forward to be an example to others?
Williams: I embrace the African proverb which states, “it takes an entire village to raise a child.” As a product of my Kansas City village, I have been blessed to have many significant individuals who have invested in me and impacted my career. It’s difficult to narrow my selection to just one role model, but the individual who emerges to the top of my list is my “role motor”, Rosemary Davis Kelly.
At an early age, Ms. Kelly emphasized the difference between a “role model” and a “role motor.” A “model” is a stationary object that is often placed on display, but a “motor” requires action, progress, and movement. Ms. Kelly not only inspired me to read, attend college and use my voice to speak up and speak out, but she also challenged me to be a “role motor” to others by making a difference, making progress, challenging the status quo and giving back to my community. I instill these same life lessons in those I serve.
Follow the #CollectiveGreatness series throughout the month of February to celebrate Black History Month. Be sure to also look for it to be a source of inspiration and recognition for SBISD employees and students throughout the year. The #CollectiveGreatness series will celebrate a variety of cultures, heritages, organizations and diversity groups that make SBISD so great.
What does Collective Greatness mean? We will surpass expectations. Everyone’s work matters. Diversity makes us stronger.
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