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A STAARY Night at Shadow Oaks Elementary

Third-, fourth-, and fifth-grade parents were welcomed into Shadow Oaks Elementary School on Thursday, April 7, to participate in STAARY Night, a one-of-a-kind informational event for families to learn what their students are doing in preparation for upcoming STAAR testing.

During STAARY Night, families had the opportunity to take a mock STAAR test, hear the importance of preparing the night before the test and learn how they can be an integral part of test-taking at home.

Shadow Oaks teachers partnered with several students to lead the discussions with parents and guardians. The night served as a great demonstration of how familiar students are becoming with STAAR materials, consistent preparation and test-taking confidence.


One parent who attended STAARY Night said, “I am thankful that Shadow Oaks held this event, because I have learned not only how my child is preparing for the STAAR test but also how I can help them be confident in their knowledge and ability to take the test.”

“For some families, it may be their first time with a student taking the STAAR test, so we wanted to equip them with the knowledge they need to help their student succeed inside and outside of the classroom,” shared Yecenia Rojas, Shadow Oaks Community in Schools (CIS) student support manager.