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TESA President 2020-21 Felipe Campos

2020-21 TESA President Felipe Campos


After serving in the U.S. Air Force for 30 years, Felipe Campos “retired” and has worked for the Spring Branch ISD Police Department for eight years as the ID Processor.

He and his wife Maria have been active members of the Spring Branch Educational Support Staff Association (SBESA), a local chapter of the Texas Educational Support Staff Association (TESA). Both organizations promote professional growth and networking for paraprofessionals who work in the field of education.

This school year, Campos is adding another feather to his cap. 

He was elected to serve as the 2020-21 president of TESA, after several years of serving on its state-level committees. 

Each year the group’s president selects a theme that reflects personal values and leadership ideals. 

“With all the turmoil around us, we can use support and encouragement to unite us all,” said Campos in his message to the TESA members. “Therefore, I have chosen as my theme ‘Unity Through Diversity.’ All of our backgrounds, experiences, needs, and skills make us a diverse group of members. But we are united in providing the best support possible to all of the students and staff we faithfully at our educational entities throughout the state.”

TESA 2020-2021 President Logo

The icon Campos chose to represent his theme features a prism symbolizing the power of unifying diverse people and points of view.

SBISD sponsors a TESA certification program for which paraprofessionals complete 60 hours of required and self-selected training. Campos completed his Certified Educational Office Professional (CEOP) in 2016 as part of a cohort of district paraprofessionals who did their coursework together.

“The classes I was able to take while earning my CEOP (like Communication, Customer Service, Assisting Difficult People) have helped me serve our customers efficiently and with a friendly attitude,” said Campos.  

“For me that was a big change from the military where I was used to barking orders for speed and effectiveness.”

Campos champions the career benefits of involvement in SBESA and TESA. He asserts that networking with peers increases one’s confidence and effectiveness for serving departments, schools and, ultimately, Every Child. Awareness of personal and professional growth opportunities also results from networking with others across the district and state.

“Felipe has been a mainstay of the police department and is an integral part of our team,” said SBISD Police Chief Dale Dareing. “He has a vast knowledge and is someone I can go to for an opinion or advice. 

“He is a great asset to any organization,” said Dareing.

President Campos will rely on his military discipline and growth as a paraprofessional to lead TESA during an unprecedented school year. TESA and SBISD are stronger for having this leader in our midst. 

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