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Tuesday, August 11 marked a kickoff to the 2020-21 school year for SBISD staff as they watched a live message delivered by SBISD Board President Pam Goodson and Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Blaine.

A Very Special Message from Dr. Blaine and Pam Goodson from SBISD on Vimeo.


Board President Goodson set the tone for the morning by sharing a warm welcome with staff on behalf of the entire SBISD Board of Trustees.

She stated that extensive planning work has gone on behind-the-scenes to not only get kids back to school, but teachers and staff, too. Going into the 2020-21 school year, the launch of LearnSBISD is a top priority.

Aside from the plan, Goodson encouraged staff to take care of each other, lift each other up, and check in on colleagues both emotionally and mentally, stating that a good workplace community makes the system as a whole work better.

In the classroom (whether virtual or in-person), staff should look to connect well with kids, teach them well and love them well. This will all go toward providing them with very best educational experience they can have in SBISD.

Goodson thanked the entire SBISD staff in advance for flexibility and understanding in the school year ahead and emphasized that the board is there to support. “Collectively, we will all come together and do what we do best - educate kids,” she said.


Superintendent Jennifer Blaine began her remarks by stating that in her 30-plus years in education, she has never been so proud of a team. From how district personnel handled the COVID-19 closure in March, to how the district was able to shift educational platforms and move to online learning so quickly, SBISD teachers and staff “knocked it out of the park”.

Looking forward, this year’s theme will be GO BEYOND for Every Child. Current challenges can either be seen as obstacles or opportunities to think of new and innovative ways to do things in Spring Branch.

Dr. Blaine noted that LearnSBISD is based on two main commitments:

The health, safety and well-being of our students, staff and families; and the academic growth and social-emotional development our students need and deserve, and their families expect. 

In SBISD, Core Values drive everything the district does. These values laid the foundation for the LearnSBISD plan.

Every Child

Staff will have to think out-of-box and get out of comfort zones to ensure they are going beyond. Whether teaching virtually or in-person – there has been time to prepare for excellent instruction!

Collective Greatness and Collaborative Spirit

Every single staff member shares in the district’s collective success.

Limitless Curiosity

Blaine challenged staff to think differently – in a respectful way. As a system, employees must come together to support one another and allow for new and different thinking.

Moral Compass

SBISD is grounded in its Moral Compass. Decisions or opinions may vary, but staff will always do what is best for kids. All decisions will be made with the best intentions.


In SBISD, our priorities remain literacy, numeracy and social-emotional supports. All of these are foundational to SBISD’s T-2-4 goal. It is the responsibility of district staff to prepare students to do whatever they seek to do post-graduation.  

Dr. Blaine stated that although this year will be different, different does not mean bad. She encouraged staff to remember to extend grace and gratitude and to remember that employees should do everything driven by our Core Values and two guiding commitments. SBISD is a family, and together, the district will knock it out of the park for kids.

Closing out the message was a thank you to staff. “We appreciate your service and we just cannot thank you enough for the tireless hours of work we know you’ve given. We are so glad you’re back; we are so glad to start the school year and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” Dr. Blaine said.

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