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Achieving T-2-4: Memorial High School alumnus applies Collaborative Spirit to successful career


Pictured, from left: Clive Hess, CompuCycle president, and Kelly Hess, CompuCycle CEO 

Clive Hess began attending Memorial High School shortly after immigrating to the United States from South Africa. 

“It was a true challenge,” said Clive. “But my teachers at Memorial were extremely helpful, patient and eager to help me achieve academic success. It meant so much to me because they genuinely wanted to learn more about me and help me acclimate to the culture.” 

Clive eventually joined the varsity soccer team and learned how to work collaboratively alongside his teammates. He mentions that he continuously applies this principle to his career, which has helped him understand the importance of teamwork and perseverance. 

After graduating from Memorial, Clive founded CompuCycle with his father, an electronics recycling company that refurbishes electronics and processes scrap into materials for reuse. 

Years later, Clive and his wife, Kelly Hess, acquired the company. Kelly became the CEO and Clive took over as president. 

They will soon be opening the only electronics plastic processing plant in the state. 

In his role, Clive focuses on customer relations, strategic planning and continued growth for the company. He mentions that he is grateful for all he has learned and would tell his high school self to believe in his abilities. 

Clive also emphasizes the importance of hard work and determination to achieve success. 

“It took me at least 20 years to achieve success in my industry,” concluded Clive. “My advice is to always work hard, learn as much as you possibly can and push yourself to achieve your goals.” 

Way to go, Clive! We are #SBISDProud of you!