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Anitra Fleming: Serving Breakfast with a Smile


Amidst the flurry of activity at the start of each school day, Anitra Fleming, one of four dedicated field officers who oversees Spring Branch Independent School District’s (SBISD) nutrition program, makes it her mission to greet each student with a smile.

“I believe seeing a warm and friendly face can make a difference in a child’s day. You don’t know what they may be going through at home, and your familiar presence can make all the difference in the world,” said Anitra.

Nurturing bodies, minds and hearts

As the sun rises each day, you can find Anitra going through her lengthy checklist to ensure everything runs smoothly for the students who take advantage of SBISD’s breakfast service at 11 of 44 campuses across the district. From ordering supplies to managing logistics, she and her team are committed to ensuring each student has a nutritious breakfast to kick off their day.

Anitra and her team strive to provide an array of healthy breakfast options, with a menu carefully selected to offer a balanced blend of grains, lean proteins and a vegetarian option, fresh fruit, orange juice and milk. Students are empowered to make nutritious choices that set the tone of the day head.

Anitra sees the early morning encounters with students more than offering them a nourishing meal. She views it as an opportunity to nurture connections and help students foster a sense of belonging. “I call it ‘serving breakfast with a smile,’” said Anitra.

More than “lunch ladies”

Once the breakfast rush is over, Anitra and her team switch gears to prepare for the lunch period and snacks for the after-school program. Her team is also responsible for administering the Child & Adult Care Food Program, which provides a meal toward the end of the day for families who do not have access to dinner at home.

“I view our job as a critical function because the reality is that for some children, the meals they receive at school are the only meals they have access to all day,” said Anitra. “We are much more than lunch ladies. I believe we are nurturers in every sense of the word.”

Thirty years of loyalty

For Anitra, who embarked on her journey with SBISD back in 1994, being a field supervisor is much more than a job; it’s been her life’s work and something she has been passionate about throughout the years. While she held several positions with child care and fast-food chains before joining SBISD, she’s always considered her position as her “first real job.”

“I love what I do, and I wouldn’t change a thing,” said Anitra.

A sense of family

Among the many reasons Anitra loves her job is the sense of family she feels working in the district, especially on her team.

“In this department, we are tight-knit and are committed to a common goal: ensuring the SBISD students receive healthy and nutritious meals each school day,” she said. “We are invested in not only nourishing their bodies but their heart and minds as well.”

SBISD roots

Anitra’s dedication to her role is deeply rooted in her personal experiences as both a parent and a longtime member of the SBISD community. Her children attended school in the district many years ago, and she fondly recalls their enriching experiences as students.

From academics to extracurricular activities, SBISD provided a nurturing environment where her two daughters and one son could thrive academically and socially. Now that her children are in their 30s and successful, she realizes how much their experiences in SBISD shaped them into who they are today.

“SBISD provided my kids with a solid education, and I’m grateful they were exposed to so many opportunities,” she said. “Watching the school district and its program evolve throughout the years has been interesting.”

Entering a new chapter

Anitra has been a loyal SBISD employee for three decades and is contemplating retiring soon. She acknowledges the nature of bidding farewell to a career she has thoroughly enjoyed. At the same time, she admits to looking forward to traveling, spending more time with her eight grandchildren, and relishing the simple joys of life.

“I’ve always enjoyed spending time with my family, and retirement will allow me to do so more often,” said Anitra.

At this time, she’s not sure when she will start her next chapter but knows that it will be soon. Her time at SBISD has been a rewarding journey that she would not exchange for any other experience. For now, she will continue to serve breakfast with a smile to each SBISD student who crosses her path.

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