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Appreciation for our mentors is enduring



As National Mentoring Month comes to a close, Spring Branch ISD continues its gratitude for the people in our community who have chosen to make a positive impact in the lives of our students as mentors.

During the difficult months of not being able to meet in person with their mentees due to pandemic restrictions, many SBISD SpringBoard mentors wrote notes of encouragement that were delivered by program coordinators at campuses across the district.

“Words can't explain how much I miss you,” wrote one mentee in an email. “The letter you sent almost even made me cry. I just had no idea you remembered me.”

Collegiate Challenge mentors stayed in contact with their college-bound mentees helping, as was possible, with university and scholarship applications and essays, and sending them many resources for financial aid assistance.

Mentor U presentation: mentors’ impact on the life stories of youth

As part of National Mentoring Month, a virtual Mentor U presentation from the 2017 National Teacher of the Year, Sydney Chaffee, was provided to the SpringBoard mentors. She spoke about how mentoring impacts the life journeys of youth, bringing hope and encouragement during pivotal times.

Chaffee shared classroom experiences with students from diverse backgrounds. She described how she learned that the way she makes decisions in her life is not necessarily how her students make decisions, often because of cultural differences. She advised the presentation attendees to be aware of their own culture and how it impacts their mentee’s life story and to also be open and accepting of other social norms.

Enduring thanks

SBISD thanks our mentors for their sustained service, even if it looks a little different right now. They continue to be an important support system for so many of our students. We celebrate our mentors this month, but all year, too.