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Bendwood School teacher named February Teachers Driving Success winner



The Spring Branch ISD Community Engagement team has announced Diann Rugg, an early-childhood special education teacher at the Bendwood School, as the February Teachers Driving Success winner. 

“I am so surprised to receive this recognition, in the best way!” said Rugg. “This is very exciting and I am grateful to all who were involved.” 

In recognition of her dedication and drive for success, Rugg received a $300 gift card and a gift basket from Sterling McCall Lexus, this month’s program sponsor. 

“Diann is always willing to help anyone in need,” said Jana Bassett, the Bendwood School principal. “She is a dedicated teacher and longtime SBISD and Bendwood employee.” 

Teachers Driving Success is a monthly teacher appreciation program sponsored by SBISD Good Neighbor Sterling McCall Group, which recognizes classroom teachers and their efforts to help students prosper. 

Each month, principals are invited to nominate one classroom teacher from their campus for how they are driving success. SBISD Community Engagement conducts a monthly lottery drawing from nominations received to choose the Teachers Driving Success award winner. 

We thank Sterling McCall Group for their sustained support of our educators! Learn more about the Teachers Driving Success program and see past winners