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Board Briefs -- April 22, 2019


Sights and Sounds Around Spring Branch

Trustees watched an “In the Zone” video recapping the past month in SBISD and narrated by Spring Branch Middle School eighth-grader Jules Warner.
In the Zone

Recognition of #IAMSBISD

Board President Josef Klam (left), Donald Prier, Kristin Craft and Dr. Muri.

Board President Josef Klam (left), Rebekah Tee, Kristin Craft and Dr. Muri.

Trustees recognized two #IAMSBISD awards, each to a Spring Woods High School teacher and presented by Chief Academic Officer Kristin Craft. Engineering teacher Donald Prier was recognized for #LimitlessCuriosity for his work with both SWHS students and Spring Oaks Middle School students in robotics, helping them develop both academic skills and life lessons such as learning from failure and persistence. Art teacher Rebekah Tee was recognized for #CollectiveGreatness for her work not only with her SWHS students but also in connecting those students to the greater Houston art community.
#IAMSBISD Recognition Page

Recognition of Youth Art Month

Board President Josef Klam (left) with elementary art award winners and their teachers, and Dr. Muri.

Secondary art award winners and their teachers, with Board President Josef Klam (left) and Dr. Muri.

Trustees recognized SBISD student artists who have won state or regional awards this year. Presented by Director of Visual Arts Sally Doyle, the 43 elementary and secondary students’ artwork was recognized in one or more of six major scholastic contests, earning regional and/or state honors.
Student Art Award Winners  (pdf)

Recognition of Terry White, Outgoing President of Science Teachers of Texas (STAT)

Board President Josef Klam (left) with Terry White, JJ Colburn and Dr. Muri.

Trustees recognized Terry White, elementary science lead, for his year of service as president of the Science Teachers of Texas (STAT). STAT Executive Director JJ Colburn told Trustees that STAT and its more than 6,000 members hopes to “inspire educators and the state to help kids discover the world through science.” Colburn said that White has served on the STAT Board of Directors for a number of years and after serving a year as president-elect then a year as president, he’ll enter the role of “past president – the two sweetest words in the history of service.” Colburn thanked Trustees, Dr. Muri and senior staff for support White and his work at STAT, and for “allowing your teachers to play these very important roles” in professional organizations. White, Colburn said, will be further recognized by his peers at a different event and that every time White is recognize, he’s “representing all of Spring Branch.”

Approval of New Term Rate Period for SBISD Variable Rate Bonds (series 2013)

Trustees unanimously approved to continue utilizing variable rate bonds as part of the SBISD bond portfolio. Variable rate bonds allow the district to take advantage of extremely low borrowing rates and to pay down debt as funds become available in the debt service fund.
Order Approving New Term Rate Period

Approval to Activate District of Innovation Exemptions related to CTE

Trustees unanimously gave approval to activate District of Innovation exemptions related to Career and Technical Education (CTE) and dual-credit teacher certification. As a District of Innovation, SBISD can remove itself from certain requirements of the Texas Education Code. Monday’s action will allow SBISD to employ industry professionals without teaching certificates in CTE programs as well as college teachers without teacher certifications to teach dual-credit courses. Trustees approved amendments clarifying wording of positions to be exempted to “’credentialed’ industry professionals ‘serving as CTE teachers’.” The subsequent approval of eight local policies (below) completes the DoI action.
Agenda Item Cover Page

Adoption of Policy

Trustees unanimously approved on third and final reading seven policies related to the District of Innovation (DoI) exemptions for CTE and dual-credit teachers.


Third Reading and Consideration of Amendments to DCE (LOCAL)

Trustees unanimously approved two amendments to board policy DCE (LOCAL) Employment Practices, Other Types of Contracts, by adding several clarifying words. The policy was subsequently unanimously approved by Trustees.

Report of School Board Member Training for 2018-19

Trustees have all exceeded minimum continuing education hours.
Report of School Board Member Training

Consent Agenda

Trustees unanimously approved the consent agenda, a collection of items considered and approved as a whole. Trustees reserve the privilege to move an item off the consent agenda for separate consideration. No items were removed. Trustees Karen Peck and Minda Caesar abstained from certain contract items.
Consent Agenda (Item 10)

CTE Task Force Update

Trustees heard an update on the CTE Task Force from CTE Director David Sablatura, who told them that he and his staff of one have worked diligently in four main areas since last reporting to the Board in January – CTE Portfolio Evaluation and Facilities Study, Organizational Design, Campus Leader Engagement and Counselor Collaboration, and Partnership Exploration. He told Trustees that Dr. Muri, senior staff and staff across the district have been all on board with whatever help he’s needed. He also thanked the Board for its approvals that night of District of Innovation exemptions (see above) that benefit CTE. 
CTE Task Force Update Presentation

Legislative Update

Dr. Muri told Trustees that the coming week in the Texas Legislature would be “interesting,” with House Bill 3, the House’s school finance reform bill that’s good for SBISD, now sitting in the Senate where Senators have “different ideas” (about school finance reform). Much of the Capitol talk now is about tax reform, on which school finance reform is dependent. He said to expect “huge” swings in the conversation. Board President Josef Klam said that he’s on a statewide committee with trustees from other school districts that teleconferences about certain bills and that bills on local control get a lot of attention. He noted that the Spring Branch community is educated and will advocate for SBISD.

The next meeting of the SBISD Board of Trustees will be a workshop on Monday, May 6, 2019, at 6 p.m. at the Wayne F. Schaper Sr. Leadership Center, 955 Campbell.