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Board Briefs -- Nov. 26, 2018


Executive Session

Trustees returned from executive (closed) session just prior to the regular meeting, and unanimously approved routine personnel items. Trustees also unanimously authorized the superintendent to negotiate a joint development agreement with the Spring Branch-Memorial Sports Association (SBMSA) for permanent improvements to district property, in accordance with the recently approved Memorandum of Understanding between SBISD and SBMSA.
Executive Session Agenda

Superintendent’s Opening Remarks

Dr. Muri – indicating that it is indeed a small world -- said that while on vacation last week at Epcot Center in Florida, on Tuesday, Nov. 20, he was twice approached – by separate families – who asked if he was Dr. Muri from Spring Branch. He said that he was and was twice thanked for extending the Thanksgiving holiday to a full week, allowing those families to vacation. “On behalf of those two families,” he told Trustees, “I thank you.”

Recognition of #IAMSBISD

Stratford head baseball coach Keith Humphreys (left), Board president Josef Klam, Stratford student Cullen Hannigan, Associate Superintenent of Talent and Operations Jennifer Blaine, Stratford assistant athletics trainer Marianne Landon, Stratford principal Chad Crowson, Stratford assistant tennis coach Lowyn Hendrickson, SBISD Executive Athletic Director Paige Hershey and Dr. Muri. Not pictured are Stratford head track/cross country coach Tony Brillon and Stratford head athletics trainer Melissa Quigley.

Trustees recognized a group of Stratford High School coaches, trainers and a student for their quick and decisive action earlier this fall when a student baseball player was in cardiac distress. Stratford head baseball coach Keith Humphreys, track coach Tony Brillon, assistant tennis coach Lowyn Hendrickson, trainers Marianne Landon and Melissa Quigley and student and baseball team captain Cullen Hannigan were awarded the #IAMSBISD for Moral Compass for their acting cohesively and decisively that August afternoon.

Crowson said that Humphreys recognized the student-athlete’s distress and the urgency of the situation. Humphreys was performing CPR when Landon and a student trainer arrived on scene. Landon checked the athlete and found a “thread” pulse and placed the AED defibrillator paddles on the student then stood back while the machine performed an analysis. She also instructed her student to call 911, a call soon taken over by Hendrickson. After about 30 seconds, the student began responding to verbal stimuli and started to regain his bearings.

Quigley had arrived by this time and began talking to the student, asking his name, medical history and other questions until he more fully came around. Emergency crews arrived and began their evaluation of the student in the athletic training room, where the student had been transported by coaches and trainers. He was transported by ambulance for further evaluation and has since made a full recovery, said Crowson.

Crowson called it a “proud principal moment.” “In a complex situation a number of thoughtful individuals went into action,” he said, adding that during a cardiac event, most people, even if CPR-trained, assume that someone else will take charge. Hershey said that one of her primary responsibilities is to ensure that coaches and trainers are trained on player safety. “We don’t know when or what (the emergency might be) but we need to be ready.”

The #IAMSBISD award to presented by the superintendent or senior staff to individuals or groups who exemplify and embody one of more of SBISD’s core values – Every Child, Collaborative Spirit, Collective Greatness, Limitless Curiosity and Moral Compass.

Approval of Resolution for Examination for Acceleration or to Earn Credits

Trustees unanimously approved this resolution to bring SBISD in line with recent rule changes by the State Board of Education.

Approval of Resolution of Examination by Credit for Certain Secondary Students

Trustees unanimously approved this resolution to bring SBISD in line with recent rule changes by the State Board of Education.

Consent Agenda

Trustees unanimously approved the consent agenda, a collection of items that are considered routine and are considered as a whole. Trustees reserve the privilege of removing items from the consent agenda for separate consideration. No items were removed.
Consent Agenda (6)

Bond Oversight Committee

Trustees heard the first annual report from the Bond Oversight Committee (BOC) from co-chairs Lewis Gissel and Kathy Goss. Gissel first praised the 18 BOC members for their experience and engagement in the process, and noted that many are “serial” volunteers – persons who volunteer or contribute in other ways that benefit SBISD and students. The chairs noted that the bond program that night (Nov. 26) was 384 days old and that $146 million, or 16 percent, of the voter-approved $898.4 million in bonds has been sold, with just over $5 million of that spent so far. Much work is happening behind the scenes, particularly with technology, and the charge that BOC keep the district “faithful” to the parameters of the bond approval will become more evident once facility replacement work begins. They said that the quarterly reports provided by staff are well done and include what work has been done and what is upcoming. BOC members are observing each Project Advisory Team (PAT) as those campus teams work through the design process at their respective facilities, then report to the BOC at the quarterly meetings. The BOC has met four times this year, most recently on Nov. 7. 
BOC Presentation
BOC Web Page

Student Mobility

Dr. Muri told Trustees that SBISD and nine other area districts have joined the Houston Education Research Consortium (HERC), led by the Kinder Institute at Rice University. The student mobility work came out of discussions between Kinder and the superintendents of those districts. Dr. Dan Potter of the Kinder Institute and who is leading the research project told Trustees that studying student mobility – a longtime interest of SBISD Trustees and administrators – it important because of mobility’s impact on student learning. Mobility includes students moving between schools and between districts, both over the summer and during the school year and creating constant churn at campuses. SBISD experiences nearly 22 percent student mobility, right about the state average and a little less than HERC partner districts, with nearly 1,400 of those 7,600 students moving out of state. Potter said the research is just ramping up and will gather input from member districts to help guide that research. Trustees were quite interested and asked several questions of Potter.
Student Mobility Presentation

Next Meetings

The next meeting of the Board of Trustees will be the Winter Workshop on Friday, Dec. 7, 2018, at the Technology Training Center, 14330 Memorial, beginning at 9 a.m. The next regular meeting will be Monday, Dec. 17, 2018, at the Wayne F. Schaper Sr. Leadership Center, 955 Campbell, beginning at 7 p.m.