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Oct. 19, 2020 – For Immediate Release

Spring Branch ISD Board President Pam Goodson has released this statement on behalf of all Trustees related to the evaluation of Superintendent Jennifer Blaine, Ed.D.

“The SBISD Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the extension of the contract through June 30, 2023, for Jennifer Blaine, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools.  Dr. Blaine continues to lead SBISD with exceptional focus.  We appreciate her steadfast leadership and her commitment to the students, families and taxpayers of SBISD.

“As SBISD’s Superintendent, Dr. Jennifer Blaine has provided in her first year strong, solid and strategic leadership to students, staff members and families during this highly challenging and unprecedented time.

“Neither Dr. Blaine nor this Board had an idea a year ago that a pandemic would test our school system so immediately, with learning methods changed almost overnight. Under Dr. Blaine’s clear guidance and leadership, student instruction has been transformed, and SBISD has moved quickly to meet the digital needs of all students by deploying devices and Wi-Fi hot spots.

“Starting day one, the Superintendent has done an outstanding job of making clear the system’s topmost priorities: literacy, numeracy, social-emotional learning supports, and digital expansion. We applaud Dr. Blaine for her laser-focused articulation of clear academic goals to allow the entire system to focus and align its priorities in support of T-2-4; for her and for all in SBISD, literacy is primary. We also believe that goal clarity moves us forward best, in both virtual and in-person learning situations. She consistently emphasizes our core values and sets high expectations, while also providing training and time for all employees to reach priority goals.

“Progress on SBISD’s 2017 Bond program is excellent: The district’s rebuild and renovation program remains on track, on time and on budget. Neither COVID-19 nor new post-Hurricane Harvey building requirements has slowed work on the bond. Dr. Blaine’s leadership will now help prepare the district to meet future student needs, including planning for Career & Technology Education (CTE) pathways and academic options.

“Dr. Blaine’s 20-year career in SBISD, including roles ranging from school principal to executive administrator and associate superintendent, has provided her with a high level of system trust and support. As a result, Dr. Blaine has quietly and efficiently led the system through many other areas of important need, from sound, forward-focused fiscal management to updates and improvements across all areas of senior management. In what might one day be viewed as education’s toughest year ever, she has repeatedly led by listening and then leading.”

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