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On budget and on time. Those five words sum up progress on Spring Branch ISD’s 2017 Bond Plan, a $898.4 million program of districtwide improvements, facilities renovations and school rebuildings.

But that’s only one of many positive notes issued by Bond Oversight Committee (BOC) co-chairs Lewis Gissel and Kathy Goss in an annual report to the district’s Board of Trustees.

As part of the BOC’s charge, these two community leaders delivered the update during the Board’s Nov. 16 meeting. In November 2017, SBISD voters approved the bond proposal by a substantial majority.

The BOC was charged by the Board with ensuring that bond related work remains faithful to the voter-approved scope of work and that it meets quality standards, as well as budget and timeline expectations.

The co-chairs praised the district’s Planning and Construction team and additional departments for keeping BOC member informed through regular meeting update.

In a report and presentation, Gissel and Goss detailed six BOC charges, and status updates. They include:

Annual Board of Trustees progress report. Report was issued at this meeting.

Ensure bond projects remain faithful to priorities in 2017 Bond Plan. Priorities remain the same under the 10-year plan, which was described as a “marathon, not a sprint.” Building facilities account for $796.3 million, or 89 percent, of the overall bond plan. Campus replacement work is increasingly visible at this time.

 Quarterly staff review and evaluation. To date, 12 BOC reviews have been held, both in person and virtual; committee participation remains high at 90 percent.

Quarterly budget review and evaluation. Economic conditions now benefit the district, while future conditions bear monitoring; bond-related technology work accelerated due to COVID-19 instructional needs for students and teachers.

BOC assessment of campus stakeholder satisfaction. Committee members are embedded in campus-level Project Advisory Team (PAT) input and design plans. Career and Technology Education (CTE) taskforce planning is also followed.

Provide advice to the Board of Trustees on ways to maximize value for district taxpayers. The bond plan remains early in its process, with $160.5 million spent; however, all projects at this time are “on budget, on schedule.”

Trustee Pam Goodson noted that the last phrase – on budget, on schedule – was one that Board members “love to hear.” She also thanked the co-chairs and BOC members for their unpaid work on behalf of the school district.

View the Bond Oversight Committee co-chairs’ meeting presentation and PowerPoint here, line 10A.

View the Nov. 16 Board of Trustees Meeting Video here, Item 10A.

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