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Can you find them all? Follow the Art and Literacy Trail during spring break

Looking for a fun and visually exciting activity to do during spring break? 

Use this interactive map to follow the Art and Literacy Trail in Spring Branch ISD and find a framed piece of art posted outside of 20 schools.

The best part is that each artwork, collectively created by students and art teachers, was inspired by a children’s book, which ties in with the district’s focus on literacy.

On the trail map, click on a school name to see information about the book and author to which the art is aligned, and find a hint about the location of the artwork on the campus. By following the Art and Literacy Trail, visitors can collect a great list of inspiring books to enjoy during spring break and beyond.


Students at Hollibrook Elementary created an artwork inspired by the book Pocket Full of Colors by Amy Guglielmo. The book is about the career of Mary Blair, an illustrator and animator at Disney Studios. 

“I am a Disney fan,” Hollibrook art Teacher Kimberly Keefe said. “Mary was my hero. When I was the age of my students, she’s who I wanted to be when I grew up.” Teaching art to possible future Disney artists brings Keefe a lot of satisfaction.


At Ridgecrest Elementary, art teacher Amy Schmidt guided her students to create a painting inspired by the book Maybe Something Beautiful by F. Isabel Campoy. The book is about a community in San Diego that invigorated its dull, gray neighborhood into a vibrantly painted environment in which to live and work.

Maybe Something Beautiful reveals how art can inspire transformation,” Schmidt said. “This shows how even the smallest artists can accomplish something big.”

It’s definitely a lesson in the power of Collective Greatness, which is one of the district’s Core Values.

Ridgecrest art students painted vibrant house and building shapes, which were attached to a cloud-filled blue background to bring the lessons of the book to life.

Visual Arts Coordinator Sally Doyle, assisted by Wilchester Elementary art Teacher Stephanie Walton, organized the Art and Literacy Trail for the second year in a row to tie in with Youth Art Month (March) and Big Art Day in Texas.

“Big Art Day is a happening to raise awareness for art education and art as a creative force in our communities on a BIG statewide scale,” Doyle said. “Artists look at the world differently than the rest of us. They imagine and dream to inspire us all. On Big Art Day we raise awareness of the importance of art education and celebrate our students’ creative talents.”

In Spring Branch, students are participating in various art activities throughout Youth Art Month. Here are a few examples:

  • Spring Forest Middle School: Mini art gallery 
  • Woodview Elementary: Kindness mural 
  • Wilchester Elementary: Drive-thru art show 
  • Spring Woods High School: Street painting activity 
  • Ridgecrest Elementary: “Shine like the sun” hand shapes mural    

Enjoy the Collective Greatness of Spring Branch ISD on the Art and Literacy Trail from March 13-21. Post your reactions and findings using the hashtag #Collective Greatness.

Submitted by Becky Wuerth, SBISD Communications