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In January, all SBISD 8th Graders will have an opportunity to explore careers during the district’s Career Days held on Jan. 15, 16, and 17.  

Student participants will learn about careers within four of the five Endorsements from professionals who will share information about their work. The 8th-grade groups will also learn about Career and Technology Education (CTE) course offerings during visits to The Guthrie Center.  

What is an Endorsement?

  • Students can earn one or more endorsements as part of their graduation requirements.   
  • Endorsements are in a related series of courses that are grouped by areas of interests or skills.
  • Similar to a college major, they provide students with in-depth knowledge of a particular subject area.  
Endorsements include:   
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
Business and Industry
Public Service
Arts and Humanities
Multidisciplinary Studies  

What is CTE?

  • CTE classes connect students to real-world learning. They are also a great way to explore career options and meet professionals who have experience in a particular field of interest.   
  • Students who take CTE courses may able be able to earn college credit in high school or special certifications. 
  • Click here to learn more about SBISD’s CTE course offerings.  

All Career Day activities are designed to support Endorsement and 9th Grade course selection taking place in January.  

Isn’t it too early to worry about career planning?  

Middle school is when students start to identify skills and interests that will shape their life and career goals. So, it’s only logical that time to expand and inform students about all the options available to them.   
Informed students are empowered learners and active participants in their success. They can connect the dots between their strengths, goals, skills, and future career potential. Parents are vital partners in this process. Their participation can support more in-depth, constructive dialogue about career options and help expand a student’s vision of themselves and their future.  

How can I support my student?  

Merely engaging in conversation with your student(s) before and after Career Day is a great and powerful beginning to this process. Below are some conversation starters:  
Before Career Day/Guthrie Visit:
  • What are your strengths and interests?
  • If you had to choose a career today, what might that be, and why?
  • What Endorsement area interests you, and why?
  • What are some questions you want to ask the career professionals?
  • Other conversation starters, engagement activities and resources can be found on the Empowered & Equipped website.
  • See the December 8th Grade Empowered & Equipped T-2-4 supports.  
After Career Day/Guthrie Visit:
  • Are there courses offered that play to your strengths and interests?
  • What courses intrigued you? Why?
  • What careers intrigued you? Why?
  • What questions do you still have?
  • What is your biggest takeaway from the day?
Contact your campus Professional School Counselor for more information or support on how to help your middle school student with Endorsement selection or high school course planning.