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Celebrating learning at school and at home: National Parental Involvement Day 2023

The Lion Lane School for Early Learning 

Under the direction of Director Michele Gabriel, The Lion Lane School for Early Learning hosted a Family Literacy event on Nov. 8. Parents and guardians were invited to the campus to visit their students' classroom for an interactive, instructional time with their students' teacher.

Teachers were showcasing what their students were learning through read-alouds, hands-on counting activities, student-led performances and more.

The Tiger Trail School for Early Learning

The Tiger Trail School hosted parents on Nov. 10 for their Picnic with Parents event! Parents and guardians were invited to campus to eat lunch with their students. From bringing their favorite picnic blanket to taking photos with the festive photo frames, the Tiger Trail community had a fantastic day.  

National Parental Involvement Day

Westwood Elementary 

In a heartwarming initiative that showcased the strength of community spirit, Westwood Elementary School recently collaborated with a local nonprofit, Over the Moon, to spread holiday cheer among 20 deserving families.

This partnership provided a holiday shop where families could select from a wide range of goods, including clothing, shoes, jackets, and essential winter items, completely free of charge. The joint effort from Over the Moon and Westwood Elementary exemplifies the profound impact that community involvement and unity can have.

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National Parental Involvement Day

Northbrook Middle School

In an inspired move to boost communication and collaboration between parents and educators, Northbrook Middle School celebrated a highly successful family engagement day Nov. 9, drawing rave reviews from participants and further emphasizing the school's commitment to student growth and achievement.

Shaped by the enthusiastic support of Principal Bruce Hill, Northbrook Middle’s Family Engagement Day provided parents an opportunity to accompany their children through a typical school day, gaining a detailed view of school life. They attended classes alongside their children, interacted with the teaching staff and enjoyed school meals. 

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