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Celebrating Spring Branch ISD’s 2023-24 Principals of the Year 


Spring Branch Academic Institute’s Patricia Kassir and Landrum Middle School’s Roy Moore were recently named Spring Branch ISD’s Elementary and Secondary Principals of the Year.

On Feb. 15, Dr. Jennifer Blaine, SBISD Superintendent of Schools, revealed the two winners during a surprise announcement at a monthly principal’s meeting.


Watch the special announcement: https://vimeo.com/showcase/10978127 

Special thanks to SBISD partner Group 1 Automotive and BMW Advantage Midtown for providing the Principal of the Year winners with special gift baskets in appreciation of their work to further education in and outside the classroom.

SBISD Principals of the Year are nominated by their principal peers, based on several key criteria:

  • Concern for all staff and students and the ability to inspire both groups
  • Ability and willingness to work cooperatively with all staff and administrators
  • Proven drive to initiate and implement effective strategies supporting continuous improvement in student performance
  • Ability to work with diverse community groups and all district stakeholders
  • Proven desire for continuous personal and professional growth
  • Ability and willingness to make meaningful contributions to education

Daily, these principals demonstrate not only exemplary leadership but also a commitment to Every Child they serve.

With their love, pride and dedication, these leaders are the embodiment of the district's Core Values and model the Core Characteristics of a T-2-4 Ready Graduate that SBISD aims to instill in students.



Elementary Principal of the Year: Spring Branch Academic Institute’s Patricia Kassir



In her fifth year as principal of Spring Branch Academic Institute (SBAI), and 32nd year in education, Patricia Kassir continues leading her school with confidence, determination and thoughtfulness. 

“I am so proud of Ms. Kassir,” said Dr. Blaine. “She does an amazing job and is a true advocate for kids! She’s level headed, calm in the storm and one of the people who you can always talk to and find solutions. Ms. Kassir is about all kids, she does a tremendous job connecting not only with her kids, but with her parents, families and community. She is an incredible leader!”    

The mission of SBAI is “to inspire every student to LEARN and BE more than they EVER thought or dreamed possible.” Kassir is the guiding force that keeps this mission at the forefront.  

From age 16, Kassir knew she wanted to help others learn. In high school, she tutored high school students who had unenrolled in traditional schooling but still wanted to earn their GED. 

“The way I explained things helped these teens understand math and I enjoyed seeing their faces when they were successful in solving math problems,” said Kassir. “There is something very powerful and satisfying about helping another person to learn.”

After graduating from college, Kassir chose to begin teaching because she loved working with children. While balancing motherhood and teaching, Kassir found great value in approaching her teaching styles with her own children in mind. Crediting her various roles in education, she knows that her mindset of high expectations and collaborative excellence in education continues to shape her work as principal of SBAI.

“I’m proud to say I taught for over 20 years and worked with children in all grade levels and different backgrounds,” Kassir said in reflecting upon her past experiences.

“Whether I was working with at-risk children, academically accelerated, twice exceptional, children with genius IQs, children living in political conflict, or children caught up in gang violence, I remember that education is a universal right. My experiences in the Middle East as an English teacher working with Lebanese and Palestinian children were some of my most memorable. They taught me about resilience in children. I’ve been blessed to come across many wonderful educators near and far.  Along with my college degrees, the most important education was the one instilled by my parents and my own journey as an immigrant from Mexico learning English and being poured into by many teachers along the way.”

Kassir finds inspiration in the immense responsibility and opportunity of leading one-of-a-kind educators and unique students.  

“I’m inspired by the idea that Every Child comes into this world with potential and natural curiosity to learn about the world around them,” said Kassir. “Every Child is born into a set of circumstances that are shaped and influenced by family, culture, socioeconomic status and the geopolitical forces around them. An appropriately challenging education nurtures and brings out potential. Every Child, regardless of his or her circumstances, deserves the best possible learning experiences.” 

In earning the 2024 Elementary Principal of the Year recognition, Kassir noted how fortunate she is to live and work in the Spring Branch community. Though the landscape of education might change year to year she believes that the solution-oriented mindset in SBISD has helps SBAI remain a premier educational institution. 

“We’ve always kept the best interest of children at the heart of all decisions we make,” shared Kassir. “For my colleagues to select me for this honor is humbling, and a testament to the collaborative nature of school leadership.”

To Kassir, SBISD is a microcosm of the rest of the country, understanding that the various cultures and walks of life enrich experiences in and out of the classroom. Described as close-knit, the SBAI educators are focused on providing a rigorous and dedicated learning experience for their students. 

“I most cherish the children at SBAI,” said Kassir. “Our Dragons have intellectual curiosity and add to the rich environment of learning that we foster at SBAI.  Our children give me hope for the future of our country. We must continue to invest in their education because it will pay off in ways yet unseen.”

When asked about her fellow school leaders and educators, Kassir thanked them. 

“These are not easy times and school leaders constantly manage numerous competing demands to get things done—all with a cool head,” said Kassir. “Despite all the attacks on education, remember that there are many wonderful things happening in classrooms every day.  Stay close to those moments, and that will remind you that our raison d’être always comes back to the children we serve.”



Secondary Principal of the Year: Landrum Middle School’s Roy Moore



In his fourth year as principal of Landrum Middle School (LMS), Roy Moore has established a school motto that “Lions Never Settle.” Known for guiding his staff with high expectations and unwavering confidence, Moore is focused on providing Every Child with the best educational experience possible.  

Moore has a total of 23 years in education with 12 of those as a principal. He describes his path as “traditional.” Moore began as a special education teacher and coach at the middle school level before moving on to be an assistant principal and now principal. Prior to LMS, Moore was a principal at Nottingham Elementary (NHE) in SBISD. 

“I can still vividly remember being told that I wasn’t ready to lead a campus and that I needed more time as an Assistant Principal,” shared Moore. “Then came along SBISD. I’m forever grateful for this district taking a chance on me and seeing otherwise.”

Motivated to create a strong community at LMS, Moore believes cherishing the traditions within the student body and their families will help them reach their goals. 

“Mr. Moore is all about his kids and he’s all about community,” said Dr. Blaine. “Mr. Moore pushes student achievement. He knows all of his kids and gets to know all of his families, he really embeds himself in the community. He has done a tremendous job at the head of Landrum Middle School!”    

Moore, and his peers, describe himself as being a hard worker who wants his work to speak for him. To be nominated and recognized by his peers is not something he takes lightly. 

“The principal position can be a lonely position,” recalls Moore. “You have so much coming at you at one time and you have to make a lot of decisions daily. You have to be a Resourceful Problem-Solver as most of your time is working through various problems”  

His advice to other school leaders? Having healthy relationships is key for Moore. It’s the people, not the programs, that will make or break your time in a leadership position. Never forget your “why” and make decisions with the students' best interest at the center.

“There’s some lyrics in one of my favorite songs that says; the motivation to me is them telling me what I can not be,” said Moore. “I’m motivated by changing the narrative at LMS and proving that our students here CAN and WILL learn at a high level and can compete with any other middle school inside and outside the classroom. This is what drives me and keeps me pushing forward.”