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Celebrating the Class of 2024: Geovanny Melgar

“What I enjoyed most about attending SBISD school was the opportunity to foster close connections and build long-lasting relationships.”

What did you enjoy most about going to school in Spring Branch ISD (SBISD)? 

What I enjoyed was the opportunity to foster close connections and build long-lasting relationships. Being part of one of the smaller high schools in the district provided a tight-knit community atmosphere where students and teachers could form meaningful bonds. Despite Westchester Academy not offering sports programs, the bridge program within SBISD allowed me to participate in sports at Spring Woods High School.

During your high school years, in which activities did you participate? 

Throughout high school, I was actively involved in a variety of activities. I joined several honor societies and served as class treasurer. Additionally, I studied at Amherst College through the Thrive Scholars program and played soccer for Spring Woods High School. Outside of academics and sports, I started my own vending machine business and initiated a program to help low-income students participate in sports. I also participated in the Morgan Stanley Jump Start Scholars program and engaged in the Leadership Initiatives International Business Program.

What advice would you give to incoming freshmen about to start high school?

Freshman year is crucial. At the time, college may appear far off, but the sooner you dive into learning about your options, the better. As a first-generation student, I lacked familiarity and underestimated my potential until I gained acceptance into various prestigious programs. My advice is to give it your all and begin exploring opportunities early on. Start connecting with peers who share ambitions because supporting each other can make a significant difference in achieving your goals. 

What will you miss most about SBISD?  

What I will miss most about SBISD is the feeling of community. The district hosts many programs that bring together students from different schools for various purposes and foster opportunities for interaction, such as the college fairs. These events offer ample opportunities for networking and connecting with peers. 

What is one fun or surprising fact about you?

At 14, with only $13 in my pocket, I began a journey driven by a hunger to succeed. I started selling $0.25 gum, and as profits grew, so did my dreams of owning vending machines and, eventually, my own business. 

Despite the obstacles I encountered as a young entrepreneur, including those related to age restrictions on card readers and business accounts, I didn’t give up. I decided to learn about state laws while making valuable connections, propelling me to succeed. 

The journey exceeded my expectations, teaching me about resilience and believing in oneself. Because of this experience, I face the future unafraid of challenges, knowing hurdles are only temporary roadblocks. My passion for vending machines has grown into a thriving enterprise, bringing me both financial success and deep fulfillment. 

Where are you headed next? 

I will attend Rice University on a full-ride scholarship through the Questbridge National College Match program. My major will be general business, focusing on marketing and finance. 

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🎓 Celebrating Geovanny Melgar, SBISD's Class of 2024! 🌟 From Westchester Academy to Rice University on a full-ride scholarship, Geovanny's journey is one of resilience and ambition. Congratulations! 🎉 #SBISDProud