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Celebrating the Class of 2024: Sarah and Samuel Jimenez


“The district's small size fostered a sense of community, making SBISD feel like a second family, a place where we felt truly valued and connected.”

What did you enjoy most about going to school in Spring Branch ISD (SBISD)? 

We both cherished the learning environment in SBISD. The teachers here were not just educators, but also mentors who always stood by their students. The district's small size fostered a sense of community, making SBISD feel like a second family, a place where we felt truly valued and connected. 

During your high school years, in which activities did you participate?

We have been actively involved in various activities together, including the Science Club, National Honor Society, and EMERGE. Our ACC Chemistry teacher invited us to join the Science Club during our sophomore year, and since then, we have been competing in Science University Interscholastic League (UIL) competitions.The Science Club not only honed our scientific knowledge but also taught us teamwork and perseverance. EMERGE has been one of our most impactful organizations since our sophomore year, providing a rigorous college prep curriculum that empowered us to make informed decisions and prepared us for the challenges of higher education.

Although we participated in many of the same activities, we both had our interests. Sarah was part of the Northbrook drill team, the Bandoleras, during her sophomore and junior years. During her junior year, Sarah was selected to be the lead ambassador for Northbrook’s Engineering Student Council, which aims to teach students in SBISD about engineering. Samuel has competed in the Math UIL competition since his sophomore year. During his junior year, he was part of College Catalyst, a program designed to educate SBISD middle school students on ways to develop themselves throughout high school to position themselves for collegiate success. 

What advice would you give to incoming freshmen about to start high school?

We both strongly agree on the importance of exploring as many activities as possible during your freshman year and then focusing on the ones you are most passionate about, which will help you in your post-secondary plans. 

What will you miss most about SBISD?

As we prepare to leave SBISD, we can't help but feel a mix of emotions. We will miss the teachers who have inspired us to excel inside and outside the classroom, and the friends we’ve made here. Samuel will especially miss the delicious and nutritious food offered by the district’s School Nutrition Services. Sarah will miss the joy of volunteering at elementary-level events and witnessing how the National Honor Society’s work creates lasting memories for the younger generation. Leaving SBISD is a bittersweet moment, filled with memories and anticipation for the future. 

What is one fun or surprising fact about you?

In addition to being a twin and actively participating in the SBISD community, Samuel enjoys decompressing after school by playing Nintendo games on his Nintendo Switch, with Splantoon 3 being his favorite. This hobby has not only provided him with a fun way to relax but has also fostered his creativity and problem-solving skills. Sarah’s inspiration to join the Bandoleros stemmed from her love for the Wii game “Just Dance 4.” Although she is no longer part of the Bandoleras, she continues to dance in her free time, finding joy and self-expression in this art form. 

Where are you headed next?  

Samuel will attend Columbia University in New York and plans to major in chemistry. Sarah will attend Washington University in St. Louis and plans to major in computer engineering at McKelvey School of Engineering. We are both excited yet nervous to start branching out outside the SBISD community and can’t wait for what is to come! 

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🎓 Celebrating Sarah & Samuel Jimenez, SBISD's Class of 2024! 🌟 Fostering community, engaged in Science Club, NHS, & more. 💡 Advice to freshmen? Explore passions. 🌟 What they'll miss? Teachers, friends, & unforgettable experiences. 🎉 Fun fact: Samuel loves Nintendo, Sarah's dance began with "Just Dance 4." 🚀 Next stop: Columbia & Washington University, pursuing chemistry & computer engineering.