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Northbrook Middle School Principal Dr. HP Hyder on Zoom


A unique Zoom collaboration between families associated with SpringSpirit and leaders from Spring Branch ISD took place on Saturday, July 25. SpringSpirit provides community outreach to families in the northeast area of the school district through sports, tutoring, mentoring and other supports.

SpringSpirit staff set up the event, and invited families to either join the Zoom from home or come to the organization’s facility to watch as a socially-distanced group.

The goal of the event was to empower SpringSpirit families with the information they need to make an informed choice for their children.

Using the translation function of Zoom, dozens of parents and guardians received COVID-19 safety, immunizations and school district information in Spanish or English.

Participants were also able to submit questions in the chat box and receive answers in real time.

The parents and guardians received a warm welcome from SBISD Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Blaine, who also thanked community partners for working to provide information families need to get students ready for a new school year. 

She also highlighted the similarities and differences between students attending school in-person or via distance learning, and let families know they have a choice between having their students attend school in-person or virtually. 

For online learning, Dr. Blaine explained, “Every child will have a schedule like they would in-person. There will be times the students are online with teacher and times when they are working on assignments. You will have that schedule ahead of time from the teacher.”

Families were assured that every student who attends school remotely will be provided a learning device. 

“We are prepared with devices for all of our students and are expanding our WiFi capabilities,” said Linda Buchman, Associate Superintendent for Community Relations. 

“You can always find the latest LearnSBISD information on our website and in the FAQ section. All information on our website is translatable by clicking on the globe icon at the top left of the website.”

Other presentation topics covered during the Zoom were:

  • Spring Branch Community Health Center: COVID-19 symptoms, resources and precautions.
  • Spring Branch Family Development Center: Information about immunizations available August 3-21.
  • Northbrook High School Principal Dr. Tony Avalos: reviewed components of the LearnSBISD plan, including the necessity for families to choose between in-person or distance learning by July 31.
  • Greetings from two new principals at schools served by SpringSpirit: Northbook Middle School Principal HP Hyder and Landrum Middle School Principal Roy Moore.
  • Betsabeth Beyk, SBISD Family Education, Engagement and Empowerment (Family E3): Information about families’ choices and options to connect and communicate with the school district.
  • SpringSpirit supports for families and students.

“We are thankful for our incredible partners at SBISD, SBCHC, and SBFDC who share our desire to see our students fully realize their potential," said SpringSpirit President and Founder Kenny Baldwin.

"It wasn’t easy to pull this off, but we came together in a unique way to help our parents make important decisions for their children during this challenging moment."

Important links and contact information shared include:

  • CollaborativeSpirit
  • EveryChild