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As Edgewood Elementary’s counselor, Priscilla Griffin saw both hope and uncertainty on the faces of children driving by the school’s front drop-off sidewalk during distribution of two weeks worth of lessons for Spring Branch ISD's students in grades K-5.

Elearning lessons for students from all grade levels in SBISD are also posted on the Digital Backpack website, and will be updated each Sunday evening for as long as necessary.

A team of district personnel assisted at Edgewood by locating and delivering packets by student grade level. A few of the vehicles showed up with drivers or occupants wearing protective latex gloves.

“I think they generally feel connected by this district effort to reach out. Many of them have been feeling disconnected,” Griffin said.

“We all want our students to feel a sense of harmony and structure. One smiling face can give hope that we’re headed back to regular life soon.”

Cross-functional collaboration

Standing nearby Griffin at the Edgewood Elementary distribution site was Wayne Schaper Jr., a Purchasing and Central Warehouse department administrator. He worked with a team of 50 (while practicing social distancing) over spring break to put together thousands of packets for the students.

A former Spring Woods High School principal with 37 years of district service, Schaper said this coronavirus has him taken aback. “We have never seen anything quite like this. We’ve missed school before, especially for hurricanes, but not anything like this. Never.”

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